Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas at the Thomas' House 2003

Here are a few photos from Will's time with his family for Christmas 2003 - at the Thomas household in Idaho Falls.

Below: Daniel, Kristi, Laura, Alisha, Will's Mom and Dad

Below: Alisha, Will's Dad, and Will

Wouldn't it be great if all siblings were this sweet to each other? Laura and Seth asleep together.

He must have gotten something good! Look at that excited expression

Elizabeth and Daniel

A favorite family pasttime: Playing games together (Will and Elizabeth)

So much excitement just wears a person out

Christmas at the Southworth's - 2003

Here are a few pictures from Christmas at Jenni's family's house on Camano Island. Her brother Stephen had gotten home from a mission a few months prior, and the other two brothers were out of state busy with their own families. So it was a small gathering.