Sunday, February 29, 2004

Ward Talent Show and Stake Conference

Will had come up to visit me for a ward talent show that I was performing in, and then the next day we headed up to Marysville to attend my parents' Stake Conference. My dad had just been called into the Stake Presidency the year before, and it has been fun to hear him speak to the congregations on various meetings.

Below: Jenni performing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" on violin,
with Brett Fawcett on guitar and vocals.

These pictures were taken outside the church building after the meetings were over

(Below: Jenni's Mom, Jenni, and Jenni's Dad)

Below: Will and Jenni

Below: Our favorite - Will trying to hold Jenni's hair back from the wind blowing it all over the place, and Jenni trying not to laugh.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Beach Bonfire and Ferry ride at Mukilteo Beach

After my ward talent show, we were just wanting to get some alone time away from my apartment where my roommate was, we decided to go down to Mukilteo Beach. We took over a bonfire that someone else had left - which was nice and warm. Mmmmm. And then we went on a ferry ride.

Above: Obviously, we were so intrigued with the seawall we were daring enough to break the rules and even have evidence of it. Shame on us!

Above: Staying warm

Below: Will at the helm on the ferry

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Our First Valentine's Day Together

We had a really fun first Valentine's Date. While Will joked with me for days leading up to the date that we were going to a Monstor Truck Ralley and McDonalds, he of course impressed me by NOT taking me to either of those.

Instead he picked me up and he looked absolutely snazzy in his suit. I was wearing a sleeveless red dress with a red shawl, and a red rose in my hair. He also surprised me with some Valentine Balloons and two "Kissing Bears" (where thier hearts light up in red when they kiss).

He told me the reason why he did not get me flowers was because my ex-boyfriend had already sent me some. *sigh* Yes that is true. He (the ex) had sent me a dozen red roses, which was nice, but we had broken up.

I had made a homemade Valentine's Day Card for Will - which he loved. It had candied hearts glued to it and all. :)

We went to dinner at an Italian Restaurant in Bellevue. While we were seated there I remember him telling me that I was the most beautiful girl in the entire restaurant. I felt all gooey inside. :)
After dinner, we went to a movie theater and saw "50 First Dates".

Upon driving me home, I fell asleep in the car. When I awoke, I noticed we were no where near my apartment. I asked him where we were going and he said "I'm trying to find the lighthouse." It clicked what he was doing - he knew I loved lighthouses and he was taking me there. And being from Portland, he was not exactly sure how to get there.

So I guided him to the Mukilteo Lighthouse. Once we got there, we stepped outside and walked over to the gate in front of the lighthouse. It was dark outside and very cold and windy too. He held me close and swept the hair out of my face that the wind had blown. He cupped my chin in his hand and gave me the most romantic kiss of my lifetime. The scene truly felt like it was right out of a romance movie. I loved it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Our First Kiss

There has been some misleadings to our family about when our "real" first kiss was. Mostly for the reason, well, its just not the romantic story you want to tell your kids and grandkids. For a long time we told everyone that our first kiss was on Valentine's Day by a lighthouse and it was oh-so-romantic.

To get this cleared up finally - well that story is only partially true. That kiss did happen, wasn't our first kiss. The real first kiss actually happened a couple of weeks earlier.

If you want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth....then here it is:

These pictures are us just hours before the blessed event. We went to a comedy club, out for dinner, and then came home and watched a movie.

Our first kiss happened sometime in the early morning while watching the movie on the couch (that I cannot remember what movie it was). And, Will's roommate was even asleep in the same room as us.

There you have it kids. Our first kiss. :)