Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Anti-Nursery

Well friends, here you go. This is the state of our soon-to-be-born son's nursery. LOL

We just figure that we'll put the little tyke in a dresser drawer to sleep and throw all of his clothes on the floor in the corner - as pictured.

I'm kidding of course.

We actually have the crib bedding, just waiting on the crib from some friends. We are going to move my old dresser into the nursery and use it for Preston (and get a new dresser for both Will and I to share since right now we have seperate dressers).

But yeah...I'm a bit anxious. Stressed. Feeling like a bad mother-to-be. Afraid I'll go into labor and have to come home from the hospital to a room that still looks like it does now. Haha.

3 more weeks and the baby will be considered "full term" and he can come early at that point if he wishes. But technically we have about 5 and 1/2 weeks until the actual due date. 5 and 1/2 more weeks of childless marriage life, and then...we'll be parents FOREVER.

We're glad we had 5 years to ourselves (including dating and marriage), but are excited for this new phase and adventure!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nightly Prayers

Last night after we got done watching the "Shallow Seas" segment of Discovery's Planet Earth series, we were settling down to say our nightly prayers. Will was covering my arm from wrist to shoulder in tiny little kisses.

Me: "Haha...that tickles...and I'm trying to pray here."

Will: "Its like I'm one of those little fish that cleans the big whale."

Me: "Wait...what did you say?"

*Long pause and scared look on Will's face*

Will: "NOTHING. Ummmm nothing....I totally didn't mean...."

Me: "Something about a whale?.."

After stumbling and laughing and trying to take it back, Will felt completely helplessly stupid as he realized he just called his pregnant wife a whale. :) Hahahahahhaaaaa.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Chef Will at it again

As Laura would say, "In an effort to move that fat picture way down the page"... I'm blogging again. I really don't like my 8 month prego pic, and besides this blog is WAY better than prego pics...

No pictures this time, but Chef Will was up to no good in the kitchen again last night. After almost smoking the place out by burning (or as he said "sauteing") an onion, his Grilled Cheese Sandwich ended up something like this:

Will's Super Special Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2 slices of bread
1 grilled slice of onion
lots of sliced cheddar cheese
turkey meat
Johnny's Seasoning Salt

Grill above together on sandwich, then add:

Alfredo sauce - on the inside of sandwich AND on the outside (he said he wanted crusty alfredo sauce on the outside of the bread and juicy alfredo on the inside)

Grill sandwich again. Pour more Johnny's Seasoning all over everything.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paddling Problems & Eagle Eyes

So this weekend while Jenni, Carloyn Southworth, and Mom were hanging out with all the ladies for Jenni's Baby Shower, Ron & I took his new canoe out for a paddle around the northern tip of Camano Island.

This being my first time in a canoe probably since the day I obtained my canoeing merit badge as a 13 year old boy scout, Ron & I had a bit of trouble trying to make the boat go forward. This must have been pretty hilarious to anyone watching back on shore. I'm sure we looked like 2 drunken sailors out there weaving and swerving from left to right. I told Ron this way we got to see more scenery then if we just paddled straight ahead. Luckily the water was smooth as glass and we were able to make it to our destination.

We set out to find some bald eagles that we had been told can be seen from time to time, but only from the vantage point of out on the water looking back towards land where the beach runs into a cliff.

We were successful and got to see 2 bald eagles. This one let us get close enough to pull up on shore and snaps from pictures.

All in all, it was a fun outing with great weather and adventurous companionship. The first thing we did when we got back was pull out the "Canoeing for Dummies" book to see how the heck you paddle with 2 people in the boat. For anyone that is interested: paddle on opposite sides 8-12 strokes then rotate sides and repeat. We'll have to try that next time.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Shower and 8 Month Picture

Here is my 8 month picture (ghetto booty and all), and belly progression (click to enlarge). Seriously...I don't know how I'm going to make it to the end of month 9. I'm gunna be a whale!

And also this past weekend we had our first baby shower - which I blogged about in my Pregnancy blog. There are tons of pictures if you are interested. It went really well - Will had fun canoeing with my dad while we had the shower. He'll have to post a blog with the pictures he took of the eagles they found.

I also posted a video of Preston moving around in my tummy - we finally caught him on video. If you don't want to see my belly, well don't watch it. LOL

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank Goodness for Good People

I won a service auction a few weeks ago at church to have flowers delivered to me at random times all Spring long.

I was having a particularly hard day on Wednesday (I've had hives for 2 weeks), and after I'd finished teaching my last piano student for the day there was a knock on my door. Sister Jones was standing there with a big beautiful bouquet of flowers. "I was at Pike's Market today and had to get these for you".

I wanted to cry. It was just what I needed. Not to mention they were yellow - the happiest color of all. I had been praying all day that I would find some relief or something to make things easier. God truly does answer our prayers through other people.

Thank you Sister Jones.

Also, just today I opened up a box that my friend Noelle sent me to cheer me up. A box of her maternity clothes!! If you've been pregnant, you know how tired you get of wearing the same black maternity pants every day (just an example). So I was really excited to have some new wardrobe items for the next little while. Thank you Noelle!

Just so you know, this box looked much better when I first opened it. I sort of messed it up going through it. :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

I miss...

...a whole lot of stuff right now. I am having one of those days where I wish the end was closer in sight. Will and I are now less than 9 weeks away from our baby's duedate, and it just seems like it can't get here fast enough.

Basically - I've officially reached a point where I'm uncomfortable, like 24/7.

I feel like I've done a pretty good job of dealing with all the pregnancy symptoms for the last 8 months, but like I told Will last night, I'm just "tired of it" now. I want my old body back. Some things that have just become a part of everyday life for me have now started to really impose. Things like acid reflux, achey hips, dislocated ribs, lack of energy, extra weight, etc.

Will keeps reminding me that after the baby is here I will say "It was so worth it!", and yes I know I probably will say that. And others have told me that the memories of all the daily stuff you go through when you're pregnant will fade too. But it doesn't really help me right now while I'm going through it.

But maybe this is the Lord's way of humbling me.

I mean, I went 30 years without breaking any bones (except one toe), I've never been seriously ill, never had major surgery or even stayed in a hospital, I've always been athletic and done a variety of outdoor adventures. So I think I have been very blessed. Maybe my pregnancy has been a bit rough so that I would realize I wasn't invincible.

One thing is for sure though, it has helped me to realize a few things that I am grateful for. These are things that I used to just take for granted. They may sound simple, but to me right now they are huge. (Granted, most of these are things I also miss right now).

I am thankful for:

A good night's sleep

Being able to bend over and pick things up,
to touch my toes, put shoes on, shave my legs, etc.

My legs -
though I used to complain about wishing they were thinner, I am now grateful that I just have healthy ones that can carry me up stairs, walk, and run.

Being able to hug Will and squeeze each other to death
(no bellies in the way)

Playing the piano
(which I haven't been able to much of lately)

A good mind and a keen memory
(hello, can we say prego brain?)

Motivation - to do things, get things done
(we haven't even started the nursury yet and this is what we should have been doing this last weekend - moving furniture out of the office LOL).

The desire to actually clean my home, and cook.

All right everyone, thanks for letting me share my feelings. I'm super excited to meet this little guy who's been kicking me everyday, so don't misunderstand me. I would do this ALL OVER again. But for now, I'm just trying to endure to the end. :)

My Prego Blog:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You know your life has gotten boring when...

...You can't find a single thing to blog about in an entire week.

Nope, there hasn't even been any more creative Will cooking disasters to report.

The most exciting thing that I can report is that I just discovered Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream and I think I'm in love. I'm eating one of those miniature $1 sized ones right now. I'm wishing I would have bought the big pint. But....then again....its probably a good thing I didn't.

Will and I both spoke in Sacrament Meeting last Sunday. Yep.

Ummmm....the baby has been busily kicking my ribs all week long.

And Will is currently over at the church building playing church basketball.

Yes, we live EXCITING lives. We'll probably even go to bed around 9:30pm tonight. Wooo! :p