Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moving - a Promotion

So, as you know, the past almost 2 years we've been apartment managing for a 40 unit complex as the resident managers.  It's been great, for the most part. Of course it's had its stresses, but our tenants have been great and we've been able to actually pay off a lot of debt and save from doing so.

A few months ago, we found out that the complex was being bought out and turned into condominiums.  It was a really stressful time because we weren't allowed to say anything about it to our residents, and we were even paid to keep our mouths shut, in a sense (we received a rather nice bonus for not saying anything).  We were given the option of staying on as the managers, but we would be working for a new owner and not being paid as much.

We had dealt with the new owner on several ocassions, and it would be safe to say we were not impressed with his integrity and work ethic.  So we opted to not stay.  Our management company therefore actually offered us a job as resident managers of a brand new complex they were just finishing up construction on about an hour south of where we were at.  It was more money, but also over twice the amount of units.  75 to be exact.  But we accepted the offer and decided to try it.

I have to say I am a bit nervous because it is a lot more responsibility.  But the perks are that we now have a 3 bedroom apartment, are getting paid more, I have an office instead of having to do business out of our living room, and did I mention our apartment is super cute?

Here is our new living room after we have dumped all of our stuff in it.  Before moving in, Will and I spent a lot of time choosing paint and then painting accent walls everywhere - one of the perks of being the manager.

The living room pretty much done - accept for hanging the mirror on the wall.

I've always wanted red walls, but didn't want to go with too dramatic of a red, so we therefore chose this more rust/pinkish shade of the red family.

I am so proud of my painting skills and how the two colors met on that corner that goes up the wall.

Looking down the hallway towards the other bedrooms, and bathrooms.  Love that we have 9 foot ceilings too.

The hallway guest bathroom....

Our bedroom, which isn't exactly finished being unpacked yet.

Master bathroom...

And that's it for the tour!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Renee Fleming Concert

My best friend, Erika, is an amazing vocalist.  She had tickets to go see Renee Fleming with the Seattle Symphony and asked if I would be her date. Would I!!  She didn't even have to ask.

We had an amazing night out.  We ended up sitting about 3rd row front, and right next to Renee's best friend who kept telling us fun little tidbits about the two of them growing up.  It was a really wonderful classy concert.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kayaking Seward Park

Will and I decided to take an impromptu picnic kayaking trip to Seward Park, where we kayaked the entire circumference of the island.

The horrible part was that I had to pee SO bad that I don't think I had ever kayaked that fast before in my life.  The sad part was I had to go even before we left the dock, but since there was no where to pee, I had to kayak my way to a bathroom.  When you've got to go, nothing will stop you from finding a way I guess.