Saturday, August 28, 2004

Will Runs Hood-To-Coast

Will ran the Hood-To-Coast Relay Race this weekend with his team of 12. It is a 197 mile relay race that starts at Mt. Hood and goes all the way to Seaside at the Oregon Coast. It takes two days to run it, and each person is responsible for completing three 6.6-mile stretches (not all at once).

The team is continually running, even though the night.

They have two vans that caravan those on the team who aren't running, and they have several stations along the way where they trade and fuel up.

I didn't get to see Will start the race because I had to work, but I was able to drive out to see him run one of his legs on the first night. And then the next day, being Saturday, I was able to follow him around for each of his last two legs.

Above: Will's entire team pictured in downtown Portland

Above: Will stretching before running one of his legs of the race

Above: The entire team is split up into two groups, and Will's van team were the starters up at Mt. Hood. This is a picture of his "team" at the start.

Above: Will's van team

Above: Tyler, Bryan, and Will "stretching" while waiting for their turn to run -in the middle of the night

Above: Sometimes the only time to sleep is in the van between legs

Above: These guys look really tired (Will and Tyler)
Above: But here they look wide awake and excited to run :)

Above: Will and teammate Jennifer

Above: Finally, the team made it to the coast. Congrats you guys!

After they finished the race, Will got some rest. And then later that evening I had a special night picnic planned for us to celebrate 6 "official" months of dating. We had chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cidar, with a campfire on the beach. It was a memorable evening.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jenni Performing at the Airport

I got to be part of the "Entertainment Series" at the Portland Airport for several months. I was not compensated monitarily for this, but I did get my name on a huge poster advertising me as a musician, my name announced over the intercom when they would say "Now performing...", and also free lunch at the airport food court. :)

I should have a sign that says "Will play for food". :)

I took this voluntary "job" as just another means to keep up my performance skills. It was neat to see the travellers stop and listen to me play. Sometimes I would even make tips. And it was convenient since I worked at the private airport next door - it was a short commute.

My only complaint was that the piano was not so great - it was digital and I was often competing with the loud music coming out of the shops across the corridor.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Camping at Jubilee Lake

We got to go camping with Jenni's grandparents at Jubilee Lake in Oregon this weekend. Jenni's grandparents happen to be pretty avid outdoor enthusists - even in their older years. They have backpacked the mountains of Eastern Oregon almost every year for the past 30 years. And now that her grandfather is getting too unstable with his footing to continue backpacking, he was still more than excited to go camping.

We also had Jenni's younger brother, Shaun, join us as well. This was a lot of fun since it had been a while since we had seen him.

Above: Jenni's brother Shaun, putting on his shoes getting ready for a hike

Above: Will, Jenni. Shaun, and Grandpa as we all hiked around the lake

Above: Will having fun in his little blow-up raft.

Above: A roap swing that we found - Will being the only one brave enough to try it and not fall into the lake.

Above: Our "pet" deer that kept lingering around our campsite looking for some food

Above: Grandma is always a softy. Here she is trying to entice the deer with something yummy.

Above: Will serenading everyone with his excellent harmonica skills. It was just fun to watch him have fun.

Above: Grandpa and Shaun getting the boat ready to put in the lake

Above: And morning comes...some fun pictures of all of us waking up

Below: Somehow, I don't think Grandma would appreciate us putting this picture of her in.
"I haven't done my hair yet!"