Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's, Sickies, and Baby Update

Thomas Baby #3 - BABY SHOWER - Feb 8, 2014

I was not expecting to have a shower for this third baby since we are expecting our 3rd boy.  However, my wonderful visiting teacher and neighbor decided to throw me one anyway.

I was 34 weeks along at this shower.

I have to say that we got spoiled with practically an entire new wardrobe of baby boy clothing.  And as it turns out, I am so grateful.  Even though we have a lot of baby boy clothing (from our two boys), it turns out they are all the wrong season -which I didn't think about before.  And I don't think our new baby would really appreciate wearing Santa and reindeer sweaters in the middle of the summer.

So yes.  I guess we did need some new baby clothing.  We are grateful.

This was my face when Rachel (with the camera) told me to turn to the side so she could get a belly shot of me.  Lovely, eh?

And let me tell you how I REALLY feel about right now...  :)

Sick, sickies, and more sick...

We must have hit the unlucky streak this winter with sickness.  We have all taken our turns with various colds and stomach viruses since Thanksgiving, but the past few weeks have been the roughest.

Oh boy, where do I even start?

I don't want to bore you with all the details, but Preston and Taylor have been the sickest I've ever seen them.  Poor widdle guys :(

They have both had a cough for a few weeks that just wasn't going away.  I called the nurse's help line, and they said coughs in children can last 3 weeks or more.  So I said, all right, we'll wait this out some more.

But when your child is not getting sleep multiple nights in a row because they spend a good 2 hours coughing every 30 seconds, despite a humidifier, cough drops, and water to get worried.

So I took both boys into their pediatrician.

Turns out both boys had ear infections (Taylor's was in both ears), and Preston had Pink Eye.  I had never dealt with Pink Eye before and thought he had just scratched his eye and made it turn red.  But when it spread to the other eye as well, I knew something was up.

So both boys got on antibiotics - which was supposed to clear up both the pink eye in Preston, and the ear infections for both of them.

Taylor was still having fevers between 100 and 103.8, which was worrisome.  But after a few days the fevers went down, but then he ALSO got pink eye.  Ugh!  And he got it pretty bad - very goopy gross eyes that were itchy and sensitive to light.

So after 3 days we went back to the pediatrician - for the pink eye, but I was also just really worried about the fact that they have still been coughing maniacs for 4+ weeks now.

Both of their lungs were clear, and the only thing the doctor said was Preston had a sinus infection that was draining into his throat at night (his theory, at least) and was causing him to cough.  And as for Taylor, he was perscribed some eye drops (as well as the antibiotics) to help with the awful pink eye.

I have dealt with the kids being sick before, but this was really the worst.  For an entire week straight I was cuddling sick kids all day, Will and I were both up a lot during the night giving medicine, soothing cries, snuggling, putting cool wash clothes on foreheads, making juice, etc. Taylor hardly ate for days.  Both boys were still coughing so hard they would both throw up.

In the meantime, I was washing my hands like craaaaazy and taking my vitamins and minerals just hoping I wouldn't catch anything.  I mean even if I touched their clothing, or hair - I would go wash my hands. I was going around the house using disinfectant spray on chairs, door handles, sink faucets, stair railings, and kitchen counters - just trying to keep up on where little hands were touching.

But by the end of week 2 of all of this....I got a sore throat. And then the next day I woke up totally sick as well.

...and then the next day, Will got sick too!


And if you know Will, you know he doesn't go to the doctor unless he REALLY feels awful. He actually made an appointment for himself to go see a doctor because his ears were hurting him badly enough he thought he also had an ear infection.  

But nope. Of course whenever he does make the effort to go to the doctor, there's nothing wrong with him. Ha!

The good news is the pink eye is all gone now, the ear infections are gone, but the boys still have a lingering cough. So annoying! I just want them to feel better already! I'm still sick but hoping it will pass soon.  Luckily no ear infections or pink eye for me - just a nasty chest cold.

Valentine's Day - February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day - Feb 14, 2004....10 years ago!

Do we look any different? Haha.

For this year's Valentine's Day, I told Will that if we decided to do something - I didn't want to do anything that required a lot of walking around, being in large crowds, tons of people, and that I just wanted to be comfy. I suggested even just cooking a nice dinner at home.

But that is not as romantic as...a surprise date from your husband!

Will arranged a babysitter and didn't really tell me anything else other than that.

We got in the car and drove and told me that we were first going to stop and get "snacks".  I really wish that during this pregnancy I had actual food cravings, but I don't. And so when you ask me "What do you want to eat?", my mind is a wide open blank space. I never know.

After driving around a bit and ho-humming around, we finally got some warm "appetizers" through the Jack'n the Box drivethru. Haha.

Then we ate and drove to our next surprise location.

We pulled up to a waterfront view of Seattle at Alki Beach, where there was a full moon and clear sky and fully lit city.

I was like cool, are we going to make out? :)

But Will slowly got his laptop out and explained to me that on our very first Valentine's date together we went and saw "50 First Dates" in the movie theater. He thought it would be romantic to re-create our first date by watching the movie again. So we watched the DVD in the car on his laptop while looking at the beautiful city lights.

It was, I have to say, a brilliant idea and sooooo thoughtful and romantic.  

I love that movie - and the message it has of making someone fall in love with you EVERY single day, not just once.  And at the end of the movie when Drew Barrymore wakes up and finds that she has a daughter and looks at her as if it is for the very first time - brought tears to my eyes. It just made me realize how special our boys are and how we need to look at them everyday with new eyes as well and see the treasure they are in front of us - as well as each other.

It was very sweet.

So after we finished the movie, Will said "Are you hungry for dinner?"

I thought our snacks were our dinner, but nope!

He said "On our first Valentine's date I took you to a French restaurant. But since that restaurant doesn't exist anymore, I did some research and found another French restaurant in Seattle and it won "Best Place to re-create a first date".

So we went to Voila French Bistro - which was a small quaint little hip restaurant.  I thought it was cute that Will thought the name of it was voy-la. :) He is so cute with foreign languages.

I guess we arrived 30 min late and so they gave up our reservation to some other people, and instead seated us at the bar.  Which, was not ideal.  There was just one bar stool and so I got it.  Will stood. And we weren't facing each other.  I was feeling very silly - being 9 months pregnant and barely fitting there.

Fortunately, 10 min later the host came and asked us if we would want to take a table that a couple just left. We said YES.

Of course, I'm feeling oh-so-NOT-hip at this place and like THE hugest person in the room. But Will smiled and made me feel comfortable. 

Another thing we did on our very first Valentine's date was kiss in front of the Mukilteo Lighthouse.  Will was going to take me there as well, but it was nearing the time when we needed to get back to the babysitter and the boys - so we opted for some kisses in the car and then headed home. :)

It was a very thoughtful and beautiful surprise date. Thank you Will for taking the time to do "little details" and things like that the remind us both of our love for each other and the good times we have had and still have together.  I feel so lucky to have found you in my life and every year we grow together I am in more love.

Earlier on Valentine's Day... 

The boys made homemade Valentine's cards for Will, and also homemade sugar cookies - decorated by themselves!

They were SO excited to give them to Papa...

And also help eat the cookies :)

Here is Preston's Valentine that he made for me in Kindergarten.  His artwork and love notes always melt my heart.

Preston's Kindergarten Valentine Mistake

So, last Thursday, Preston was finally feeling well enough where I let him go to school. He had been absent all week long, and I was excited that he would at least get to go to school for the Valentine party for his class.

The night before, we signed all of his v-day cards and also put suckers in each of the envelopes. He was very excited to pass them out to all of his friends in his class the next day.

He got all ready for school and got on the school bus the next day...

When he got off the school bus later that afternoon, I was excited to hear how his V-day party went at school.  But he just didn't seem very excited.

I asked him "Did you get lots of cards and candy from the kids in your class?"

He said "No."

I was a little confused. "Did you hand out YOUR cards and candy?"

He nodded his head.

" how come you didn't get any cards??"

He didn't really say anything at first, but then explained he didn't have a red folder like the other kids and so he didn't get any cards.

The "Mama Bear" inside of me was starting to get upset about this.  So I clarified with him "So you didn't have a red folder and so kids didn't give you cards?"  

He nodded.

Honestly, I think I was more upset about this than he was.  I just felt so bad for him. So I told him we would make cookies together to make up for it.

I emailed his teacher moments later, and yes I was very nice about it.  I didn't jump to any conclusions but just let her know that Preston came home without any Valentine cards and I wondered what had happened and was concerned he was being overlooked in class (she also has forgotten to collect his homework 2 weeks in a row).

In the meantime, I had posted something about it on Facebook.  So many friends were so upset about it and felt terrible for Preston that they sent him e-cards, and some even got our address and mailed him paper Valentine's. One friend's teenage daughter asked if she could make him a care package with cookies and valentine's.  It was such an outpouring of generous spirit and love. And everytime I would show Preston one of the e-cards or something he would smile and blush. It was so sweet.

His teacher did write back and said she had provided Preston with a red folder and taped it to his desk, but since he had been sick all week he was very lethargic in class. She said she had to encourage him to get up and go pass out his V-day cards.  I said to Preston "Your teacher said she gave you a red folder, did you get one?"  And all he said was he went to music class and when he came back "Poof! It was gone!"

So I really have no idea what REALLY happened.  Either way, he is just too special and kind-hearted to be overlooked and he has been really shown a lot of love by a lot of people.  It really touched my heart to see. 

In other random news...

Taylor decided to measure my "big belly"....

This photo was from Feb 4th - a friend offered to watch our boys one evening and so Will and I were able to go out on an impromptu date.  My belly was able to rest on the bathroom counter in the restaurant.  Cool pregnancy trick #1392

We have enjoyed a lot of wood fires lately, thanks to Will who has spent many hours chopping down our backyard trees and turning them (and the yard waste) into firewood.

I had a hard time trying to pick a take-home outfit for the new baby for hospital time...

This was Taylor the day after his fever broke....a little bit happier. I like Happy Taylor.

The boys asleep in Will's car after attending James's birthday party (during my baby shower)

Baby Stuff...

Well just some belly shots to update the progress of the ever-growing Thomas boy #3 :)

33 weeks...

Also 33 weeks...

Just to compare my first pregnancy (with Preston) around the same point as this pregnancy....what a difference the workouts have made for me this 3rd time. 

34 weeks (almost 35)

35 weeks (a comparison from the same pregnancy, FYI)

35 and 1/2 weeks (almost 36)

This was me today at my doctor's appointment for 36 weeks

Here is a fun comparison of me during all 3 pregnancies at 36 weeks.... 

Today's doctor appointments started the weekly visits where I get the pleasure of being "violated" every week. Haha.  You know what I mean.

Right now the baby's head is down and he is a kicking-fighting machine!  His kicking actually really hurts quite often.  I think part of it is the placenta must be up on top of the uterus this time - and so all of his stretching and kicks are VERY MUCH felt out front. I can literally grab a foot.  And I don't really feel him kicking my ribs this time, so I think there is a placenta there cushioning it.

I have no clue how big he is right now because my current doctor does not really do any more ultrasounds unless there is a problem. In my past 2 pregnancies, I was lucky to have an U/S where they did thorough measurements to calculate the size of the baby.  And they were always right on target with their estimation.

My own personal guess is that he is probably around the 6 lb mark right now, and being that I have about 3 weeks left he is going to go up to 7.5 or 8 lbs.  Both Preston and Taylor were about 8 and 1/2 pounds each.

Everything is looking good with the pregnancy.  I am grateful for that.  Even though I have had some rough stuff this time, I WILL say that in comparison to my other two, this pregnancy has been better in many respects.  I really attribute it to keeping up with my workouts.  I have felt stronger, more able (for the most part), my feet haven't hurt as much, etc.  

But these last 4 weeks are getting definitely harder.  Especially with having to take care of sick kiddos the last 2 weeks and now being sick myself, and now the baby's head grinding in to my pelvis when I walk....I get very exhausted. And all the weight of my belly is putting a lot of strain on my back so I find myself wanting to sit and relax a lot.  I also have some other stuff like numb legs sometimes, HORRIBLE acid reflux, and sore hips from sleeping.

But the end is near and I am getting excited to meet this little guy. :) I wonder what he will look like. I just assume he will look just like Preston and Taylor with a cute nose, blue eyes, red hair and a dimple chin. :)  But who knows!  Maybe all the ultrasounds were wrong and he will come out a she!! Haha wouldn't that be hilarious.  Doubtful, but funny.  (that actually happened to a friend of ours).

I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks - from taking care of sick kids and also being sick.  And it's getting to the point where I am not sure I will keep going.  Every day is getting hard, and I feel more and more exhausted.  However, my trainer is coming over next week to show me some "easy" workouts I can do from home for the next 3 weeks and also post-delivery.  

Anyway.  We are getting excited around here.  I haven't been able to wrap my head yet around the fact that there will be an entirely new person in our family.  It will change the dynamics I'm sure.  We are just so used to having our two boys and being "us".  But I'm actually very excited to see how my boys are with a new baby. I think it is going to benefit Taylor a lot, especially.

Anyway.  Until next time!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb Update Already?

I feel like January went by really fast. But in a good way, because the faster it goes, the faster this baby comes and I don't have to be preggers anymore. Bwahaha.

33 weeks~!

Anyway, in order of what we've been up to lately...

I got my hair cut and colored...

Anyway, trying to avoid my mistake of post-partum hair craziness like after Preston was born...

I hated that hair cut and seriously was depressed for months until it finally grew out longer.

I was trying to get a good shot of the dark red she put in there...

Taylor has been Will's little sidekick lately. He gets so excited when Will comes home from work, waits for him at the door and opens it for him. Also just snuggles and follows him around like a puppy dog.

The boys enjoy wrestling.

Or I should say Taylor enjoys piling on top of Preston and tackling him, and Preston giggles through it.

Last Saturday (Feb 1st), my mom and friend Catherine, and I made 19 freezer meals! So now we will be uber-prepared with food after the baby is born and I'm recovering the Csection.  

(This isn't a pic of our freezer meals by the way, just one off of Pinterest)

I will say that it did take a lot of preparation, and you really should only do it when you have the budget to do so. I think we spent about $350 on all of the food - but most of that was due to a lot of meat from Costco.  

My lovely awesome husband Will did the shopping for this adventure, and so glad he did.  It took him about 5 hours to do it all, poor guy! I guess he wasn't used to grocery shopping alone and didn't know his way around the store very well - even though I organized his list into categories of sections of the store.  He said he kept asking employees where things were and they would look at his list and say "Whoa, that is the longest honey-do list I've ever seen!"

Haha, whoops! Sorry about that Will, but so thankful for you doing the shopping and getting everything.

Will has been amazing the past week I have to say. He has been so helpful, made me fires in the fireplace, made some dinners for the boys, grocery shopped for me, watched the boys so I could relax, given me backrubs and more.  I sure love and appreciate him. It's hard to be super pregnant with 2 little children to take care, and he knows how hard my pregnancies are for me - so I'm so grateful he is a good man and helps out.

Preston and Taylor made an "airplane" out of a box and squished into it :)

Do these stripes make me look pregnant? Haha.

This was at my 32 week doctor appointment, in the bathroom mirror at the doc's office.

This was me in the 32nd week just barely able to get my workout shoes on so I could go to the gym. It's getting so hard to put on and lace up my socks and shoes! Ha!

Just please take a 10 lb watermelon and put it under your shirt and try to bend over and put your shoes on.  Uh huh...hard right?

Here are some of Will's recent adventures over the past month...

His friend Doug....

This is one of my favorite photos that he's taken.

Prego Stuff

Well, it is now Feb 3rd, and my C-section is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 16th. So I have slightly less than 6 weeks to go!

30 week picture

Also 30 weeks...

32 weeks


This baby boy is very active, kicking, rolling, punching? Either way I feel like the crud is getting beat out of me.  BUT it's all good evidence that he is doing well. He has been doing great at all of my doctor appointments - measuring right on, heartbeat great and all of that.

I had pre-eclampsia last time with Taylor and so every time I have a doctor appointment I make sure to find out if my blood pressure is doing okay and it has been so far.  So that is good.  But the weird thing is I didn't get the pre-eclampsia until 10 days AFTER I had Taylor.  Weird. Usually giving birth is the cure for it, so it was just a weird odd situation all around.

My goal was (and still is) to keep going to the gym up until Valentine's Day which is my 35th week.  Then that gives me 4 weeks off.  BUT...if I am still feeling good, I will keep going.

This is the first time in my life that I have been working out NOT for weight loss.  In the past my fitness goals have always been to get into shape, to lose weight, etc.  And so I would work VERY hard at the gym to burn the most calories as I could, and lift weights and get as strong as I could.

But this time is different.

4 weeks pregnant

33 weeks pregnant

It's been kind of weird, but also kind of relaxing in a way to go to the gym and not have to worry about how many minutes I was at level 15 incline, or how many minutes my cardio was.  My only real goal with my workouts, especially in the 3rd trimester, have been 1) To keep some sort of fitness level up, 2) To ensure that my muscles won't atrophy, 3) To hopefully have a faster recovery from pregnancy this time, and 4) To help with aches and pains.

At this point though, I do go and wonder "Will today be my last workout during this pregnancy?". There are some days when I go and honestly don't feel like working out.  Baby usually likes to kick me (hard!) during my cardio sessions, and I find myself bending over and leaning on the handles of the stairmaster to handle the kicking pain - haha!  Sometimes it takes everything to walk from one side of the gym to the other because my hips hurt, or baby is sitting on my urethra pinching it.  

But I know I am doing my body good, and I hope to keep going as long as I'm able.  

Lately I have been feeling the final-weeks-weight-gain coming on and it's gotten me down a bit.  I've noticed the chub piling on and sometimes I feel like a failure, like why have I been trying so hard when I will just end up as heavy as before?  I know that is not the truth though.  I know from past photos (so glad I've been taking photos of myself along the way), that my body shape is different this time and I am more fit - even if that "fit" is underneath some fat right now :) It's still there.

And it does help to have a hubby who tells me he thinks I have a cute butt - even when I certainly do NOT think so whatsoever. :)

Anyway.  That is the update from us lately.

Upcoming stuff:

- This week I've given my Piano Guys tix away to my friend Noelle, so she is surprising her son and coming to Seattle to the concert in our place. Sad, because I really wanted to go, but didn't feel like going when so pregnant.

- My friend Kimberly is coming to visit me from Oregon this weekend and so excited about that. She is a musician/composer/pianist as well and we have only been internet friends at this point - but have a huge connection and are so excited to finally meet!  Woohoo for meeting great friends!

- My ward is throwing me a baby shower this Saturday (the 8th). I didn't really think we would need one, but when they offered and started asking me if we needed anything, I did realize all of our current baby boy clothes are out of season (newborn clothes are summer, and 6 months are winter sweaters....and this baby will be a newborn in the winter, and a 6 month old in the summer).

- Will is giving a talk in church this Sunday. Woohoo.