Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley Finn!

Today is Riley's 2nd birthday. We celebrated with a small family party last Saturday though, so today is kind of casual.

About Riley at 2:

- Loves trains and makes "choo choo" noises all the time
- Always has a car or train in his hands
- Loves chocolate milk
- Not talking very much, but can say words like "Mama", "Dada", "Nuk" (means milk), and a bunch of other one syllable words.  However, he mumbles ALL the time in full sentences, but I have no idea what he is saying. Will, on the other hand, can always translate and understand him.
- He is still such a happy and sweet boy.  Usually always in a good mood.
- Gets very jealous if his brothers are taking a bath and he isn't participating.
- Does not like short-sleeved shirts or shorts and thinks there is something wrong with the clothes if they don't cover him. HATES to be naked.  In fact when I got him dressed in his birthday outfit today (pictured above), he threw a fit and cried.
- Wears size 6 diapers but they are a little big.
- Can feed himself with utensils.
- Watches everyone very closely and then copies.
- Will give hugs and kisses on demand. :)
- Loves to snuggle mama.
- Calls Preston "Dashee" which makes absolutely no sense to me.
- Airplanes are also Dashee, which kind of makes more sense if he thinks every airplane is "Dusty" from the Disney movie "Planes".
- Loves to get his hair styled.
- LOVES, loves, loves being outside.  Would be there ALL day every day if he could, no matter what the weather.
- Is a danger-boy, always getting into things. He will put chairs up on the fireplace and climb up to the DVD player.
- Laughs a lot.

All in all, just an absolute joy in our family! :)

More pics from today....all taken from my smart phone, I apologize. Will had our nice camera at the other house. It was kind of hard to get him in focus with my 'selective focus' feature with him being so wiggly! haha....