Sunday, July 4, 2004

4th of July Weekend

A few days after we returned from Hawaii, we went up to visit Jenni's parents for the 4th of July. We also celebrated Will's 26th birthday - which was on the 1st.

We went on a picnic to Deception Pass and Bowman Bay and just had a lot of fun hiking around the area. We also went to church at my home ward on Camano Island on Sunday too.

Above: Jenni trying to hurry and get into the picture after setting the auto-set button on the camera. Whoops - just a little late.

Above: Ah, it worked this time. Got both of us in the picture.

Above: After church on Camano Island. We still have our tans from Hawaii - if you can call them that. We are both so fair skinned that our version of "tan" is still pretty white. And Will's tan is usually just his freckles connecting. Haha.