Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 - Off to a Sickly Start!

So New Years Eve, we went over to our good friends - The Nisbets.   We had fun eating dinner together, watching movies, talking, and then the kids all slept in the same room together. The boys didn't go to sleep until about midnight - which is crazy!  Seriously I thought little kids would have zonked out long before then.

Then at 2 a.m., Will and I wake up to Taylor crying. He sometimes wakes up once a night, usually because his blanket isn't on him, or he had a bad dream.  Given that we went to bed only like an hour before this, we weren't crazy about going in there to help him.

But Will went in there, fetched him, and brought him back into me. It was really dark so we couldn't see, but he says "I'm not sure, but I think he might have thrown up."

"Bring him over here." I tell him.

He brings Taylor closer to me and WHEW yes he did throw up. I could smell it.  So we turn on the lights and it's all over him, all over his blankets, all over the pack 'n play.

I wasn't smart on this overnighter because I didn't bring a 2nd change of clothes for the boys. I just thought they could re-wear their same clothes the next morning.  Luckily, the Nisbets have boys the same age as ours so we were able to borrow some PJs for Taylor. We cleaned him all up, and the bedding and threw it in the wash and then Taylor slept on Will's chest for the next hour until he was asleep again, and then we put him back in the pack'n'play.

The next morning, he still wasn't feeling very good. We all went downstairs for breakfast, and Erika was busy making french toast for everyone.  I wasn't really hungry because I had just eaten a ginormous dinner the evening before, so I opted for a banana.

About a half hour later, I started to not feel so good. I didn't know if it was because my tummy was upset from all the food from the night before, or if I was coming down with a stomach bug as well.

So I decided to head upstairs and lay down.  

I laid down, and that just didn't feel very good.

But laying next to the toilet in the bathroom seemed to suffice.  I was there for about 1.5 hours until my stomach finally decided it was going to throw up. Twice.  

So then I proceeded to be sick for the rest of the day.  We eventually packed up our stuff and headed home later that afternoon. Talk about a bummer way to stay at someone else's house.

The next day Taylor and I were feeling better, but I heard half of the Nisbet clan then got sick :( And to top it off, my throat was beginning to feel a bit sore.

Taylor the next morning - feeling better.

By the next day, I was full blown sick with a cold.  

I was rather disappointed, because I haven't been sick with a cold in about a year. I swear I have the best multi-vitamin in the world and when I am regularly taking them I don't get sick. 

Our boys were sick over Christmas and Will caught it as well, but I managed to not get it.  I think when I caught the stomach flu, my immune system was off-guard and that nasty cold virus finally managed to tag me.

Well, I know there is like a huge flu epidemic in the country right now and not sure what I have, but maybe that was it.  I was sick for TWO WEEKS.  I was rather hoping it would be a few days of nastiness and then I'd be on the mend. But nope. 2 FULL weeks of feeling like crud.  As in - feeling so awful all I could do is be lazy and miserable all day.

And then Will caught my cold next...and now here we are 3 days after that and Taylor now has the cold.

Preston has somehow miraculously managed to avoid both the stomach flu and the nasty cold so far.  I hope he is still healthy in a few days from now.

Whew!  So all of my New Years resolutions to get back to the gym, eat healthy, and do all these amazing things - have certainly not come to pass yet.  I'm starting to feel better, but now I've got a sick kid again so things will still have to hold off. Sigh.

But on a good note, here are some random photos between Christmas and New Years...

Preston loves me to take photos of his toys...

And then the next couple are from when the boys got a hold of our camera. It's way cute to see the world from their perspective...


And then here are just a few random of the boys before we went and saw the lights at the Botanical Gardens...

And then here are some photos from 2013 so far:

Before I got sick I was doing this 10-day cleanse, which was great for the 3 days I was doing it. It got stopped short when the stomach flu hit :(

Erika and I have been doing a babysitting swap lately - so she gets our boys a full day once a week, and vice versa.  This was the boys this past week all watching a movie during "quiet time".

Will spent a lot of time these past few weeks working on our yard, and moving dirt around to protect our house from future flooding.

Will also ran his first race since the Wasatch 100 yesterday - it was the Bridle Trails 50K and he ran it in a team of 3. It was cold!

And that's a wrap!

Christmas 2012

It's the middle of January and I'm only just now posting our Christmas Day photos.  For good reason -we've all run in the new year with the sickies for the past 2 weeks.

Anyway - here are some cute photos from Christmas morning :)

Okay, this one is actually from Christmas Eve but the rest are from Christmas morning. 

Chocolate for breakfast, anyone?

This last photo was a picture that Preston took from our camera. Cute.

We were abundantly blessed by both Grandparents this year - the boys were spoiled with more than they needed. Thank you G&G X 2. :)  We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas - we enjoyed our low-key day at home with the boys. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast (tradition in my family), and snacked, played toys the rest of the day - just how Christmas should be. :)

These pictures are from Christmas Eve - when my parents were here to celebrate with us. They brought the boys their gifts then and they were so excited to open them up!

And then here is a video from Christmas morning: