Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Update Part 1 - May/June

Summer Time!

It has been a stinkin' LONG time since I've had a moment to blog here and I've desperately been wanting to get caught up.  It's a slippery slope to non-blogging if you don't stay on top of it, and I so love keeping this journal of our little family's life.

So with that...I'm going to attempt to get caught up on some things.

Today is August 4th, and I have stuff to post all the way back starting in May.  If anyone is curious how I keep track of all of our "stuff", it's twofold:  1)  I keep folders on my computer labelled by date, and then save photos in those photos.  And 2) FACEBOOK. My goodness what would we do without Facebook.  It's like a mini-journal and a timeline of stuff that makes it easy to go back and grab photos and know when events happened.

May - The End of Kindergarten is Near

With only a few weeks left in the school year, I wanted to document a few photos of Preston going off to another day of Kindergarten...He has grown so much this year - and not just in knowledge but in inches too!  He is tall.

Taylor cracks up the bus driver everyday because he does this...apparently he thinks the bus is extremely loud.

Just a few more of Riley-guy...I think he was about 2 and 1/2 months old in these photos.

He wanted to EAT that hat.

Beginning of June - Watershed Park with Nisbets

Towards the beginning of June, we bought a smoker from Costco.  We invited the Nisbets over to have smoked salmon with us, and while we awaited for it to be done the boys and Erika and I went to the Watershed Park.  

June 6th - I just took these cute photos of Will playing with Riley on the floor...feeling grateful for a husband that is such a great dad to our boys.

This kid had some 'tude this day!

He is still a really great older brother to Riley though....always trying to get him to smile and laugh.

And since the days where I actually have time to wash/curl my hair are extremely rare right now, they of course must be documented with a selfie!

June 8th - Preston "babysitting"

On this particular day, I needed Preston's help so I could make dinner. He pushed Taylor and Riley around the kitchen in the double jogging stroller.  It was a huge help - haha!

The woman behind the lens...

I could take a BAJILLION photographs of this little one sleeping...in fact I probably have already.

June 11th - The Facebook Shirt

Thanks to Elizabeth, we got this super funny but true onesie.  I posted this photo on Facebook ironically and got a ton of laughs from it.

June 12th - Jenni's Girls Night Out

My friend Kelley and I both have birthdays one day apart in June, and to celebrate we have been doing something special for the past couple of years. Last year it was pedicures.  This time we did massages and then went to a movie theater where you can order food from your seat. It was great!

But it involved some planning with the little guy. I don't pump milk often (he just feeds on demand), and so I made the mistake of waiting until the day of to pump. There wasn't much.  But he survived.

June 13th - Preston Turns 6 Years old! Birthday Time!

I still can't believe we have a 6 year old in the house!  Eeek he is growing so fast.  Seems like yesterday he was this little guy...

Over the course of the school year, he had been invited to so many of his classmates 6th birthday parties and after experiencing Chuck E Cheese's at another friend's party, he had been asking to have his party there for months.

We try to only do a big friends party every other year, and then a family party on the off years.  We decided to keep it fairly low key family and then allow him to invite one friend - so he invited Camden and Brody Nisbet.  Grace, Everett, and Gwenevere came (cousins), as well as Grandma and Grandpa.

This, of course, was the perfect game for Taylor because he got to WHACK stuff.  And he was very good at it LOL.

June 14th - The Utah Valley Marathon

The day of Preston's birthday party (after it was over), we took Will to the airport and then he flew to UT so that he could run the Utah Valley Marathon with his sisters Laura and Grace.

Will doesn't really run road races anymore - he enjoys trail races because it's prettier and easier on his joints.  So this race was really him just wanting to be there for his sisters and support them - which is really sweet.  

By the way, these are so out of order, but who cares.

And then afterwards, Will went and climbed to the top of Y mountain in Provo. Cuz, ya know, a marathon is only just an average running day for him. LOL

June 17th - Preston's LAST day of Kindergarten

The day finally came...Preston's final day of Kindergarten. His last day of part-day school. Next year he will be going a full day!  

They had a school field day on the last day and so he got his face painted like a superhero (Batman).

Waiting for Preston to come home off the bus...

It's amazing how fast this kid grows.  What a school year!

June 23rd - Jenni's Birthday Weekend at the Olympic Peninsula

At the last minute, I suggested that we just get away for the weekend. Plus it was my birthday (on the Monday after the weekend).  We've talked about going to the Olympic Peninsula for months and finally decided to do it.  Do I have a husband who spoils me or what?!

A nice shot of Riley's cradle cap haha...

Yup. Taylor was eating the sand. We tried to explain to him that he was eating tiny little rocks, but he didn't care.  He said it was tasty.

And then on Monday, my actual birthday, Will came home from work and surprised me with these!!! I totally was not expecting this and it was a super great surprise. It has been a long time since he gave me flowers!

Other Random June stuff...
FB Caption:  

I really do have pretty much the perfect baby. He usually sleeps through the night (8 hrs), but at 4:30 am this morning decided to awake me with giggles, smiles and cooing. Turns out he just needed to poo and eat, and then he kindly went back to sleep after a diaper change and snuggles. Seriously. God loves me.

P.S. Before you get too envious, just know we definitely put in our time with the first two - who both didn't start sleeping through the night until at least a year old, and required lengthy bedtime routines. We totally deserve an easy Riley baby 

Trip to Snoqualmie Falls with friends...

Smoke salmon from our smoker....yummmmmm.

FB Caption:  

His whole hand is as big as my thumb. Awwwwe. So cute. So grateful to have a baby in our home again. We are so blessed.

Pink peonies from our yard. One of my favorite flowers.

My Costco shopping helpers.

Love chunky baby legs...

FB Caption:  This little guy just actually sat and listened to me practice the piano for 40 min in his bouncy chair. In baby time, that's like super LONG. He just coo'd and smiled through a lot of Beethoven - which is surprising since its not exactly lighthearted baby music. If this keeps up a few times a week, I might actually get my skills back up to speed. 

FB Caption:

Will and I did swappies today. He got up at 4am and ran 20+ miles, got home at 12:30 and then I left for the gym. Tried out my new Nike Lunar Flyknits while getting my 6th workout in for the week. No kids in tow, which meant I could go long and hard with no pressure to hurry. AND go for a leisurely drive alone on this gorgeous sunny day. Its the little things.

FB Caption:

"Mama, these are slugs. And I want them for my pet."

Sunday church....

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They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping to get different results. I'm on week 3 of Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer and am finding myself going out of my comfort zone in the weight training room and doing new things (hello decline bench chest flies??) - which is good. But for the first time ever I've actually been gaining weight while nursing. I've seen this happen to other women and I guess it's not a myth afterall!

Starting today I'm doing IIFYM. Ordered my food scale, downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and ready to start tracking my macros. Thanks to Paige VanDemark for helping me get started, and Megan for the inspiration.

You've got to keep changing things up to find the right formula for YOU. No two bodies are the same.

FB Caption:

Guess what we're doing today? #readmyshirt

Nap buddies. Jealous.

Love how he grabs onto me with his baby toes.

All right that is it for now!  Next Part 2 will be all about our 4 week roadtrip and an updates through August.  Until then!  Ciao!

P.S. Made this video for Will for Father's Day.