Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Crazy Halloween Costumes

Okay, first things first:
The cutest one of all...

Next up: Will
And finally - me:

Will came up with the ideas for us at the last minute. He did his hair himself. (although I was supposed to have done it - being the great beautician that I am LOL) :) We did get him a proper haircut after the pary last night though (thank goodness!). We have another Halloween party to go to on Friday though, and so we can't do the crazy hair thing again since we cut it all off. Any ideas for us?

P.S. Noelle, thanks for letting Preston borrow the duck costume~!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Family Photos - Take 1

We attempted Fall Family Photos together this afternoon. We just did them with our little Canon Powershot and a tripod.


This next one looks good from far away, but not up close (it zoomed in on the background intead of us).

After about 45 minutes of picture taking...


You can't really blame the little fella. He had survived all of church today plus a long afternoon without a nap, and it was kind of cold outside too. Tired...hungry...cold = cranky baby.


P.S. We went to Snoqualmie Falls yesterday. It was beautiful.

Preston before we left for Snoqualmie Falls:

Preston after we arrived to Snoqualmie falls:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walking With Preston

The purpose of this post is to share with you the daily antics of our 4 month old when it is nap/walk time.

It starts out good. He knows he's in the carseat, but doesn't realize he's going to have to stay there quite yet.

A quick trip down the stairs and out to the car to retrieve the jogging stroller from the trunk, and...

He's figured out his carseat is where he's going to have to stay for a while.

Bring on the crying.

Preston can't believe how cruel is Mommy is, to make him sit in the carseat.

But I am a :

And I know that by the time we get to the end of the 1/4 mile long driveway, the little guy will be out like a light.

Crying slowly subsides...

Starts noticing surroundings...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mom and Baby Shots

I thought I would post a few random shots from the past couple of weeks.

I tend to post more Preston pics on my Belly Diaries Blog just because I write more about the joys of motherhood and personal matters there, whereas we post more family-activity-oriented stuff here. But I think I sometimes neglect posting some of these fun pictures on this blog - so I thought I should post a few recent photos here since I know Preston pictures are always cute and fun. :)

Gotta love this picture...LOL

These pictures were all taken one evening last week while I was fixing dinner, and Will was entertaining Preston while he was chillin' in his bouncy chair. He thought his dad was so funny! And then when the camera came around, we got the crazy wide-eyed shots (like the one above). Preston has the cutest giggle and squeal. It really lights up my day to hear it.


This one was about a month ago almost (below). I used to hate seeing pictures of myself right after I had Preston because of all of the babyweight that I gained while I was pregnant. But a friend told me a while back that when her 1st born was little she avoided getting her picture taken because she felt the same way, and now that he is older she is so sad that she doesn't have very many photos of herself with him when he was a baby.

So I swallowed my pride and started embracing the photos of Preston and I, even though I still have a lot of weight to lose (I'm almost at the halfway mark. I've lost just under 30 (2 lbs to go to hit the 30 mark) and then I have 30 more after that to get to my prepregnancy weight.

These next photos were of Preston and I taken last week. I can tell that even in one month's time (since the above picture) that I've lost some more weight (it helps that I have been exercising like a feign and watching my diet too).

This one was 2 weeks ago (because Preston is now 4 months old), but it was such a sweet little smile I had to post it. That is his little blanket bear that he loves to chew on.

These next two were from last weekend. I thought he looked adorable in his little tugboat outfit with his chunky cute legs.

(Update: Preston's boil on his bum has been healing up finally. It has now been there for 2 months, so we are glad to finally see it disapate).

This next one was Saturday night - Preston and I snuggling on the couch. Will gets jealous because Preston won't do this on his chest. I keep telling him its because he doesn't have the extra padded cushioning - hehe. :)

And then this was this afternoon. I actually hurt my back earlier this week (lifted Preston wrong), and so I have kind of been "down and out" since Tuesday. A couple of chiropractic and massage visits later (and a lot of rest) I am doing much better. But here is Preston and I sleeping together in the big chair after church today.


And awake.

Preston has been teething the last couple of weeks. He just wants to chew and naw on anything that gets in front of his mouth. He hasn't had any teeth come in or anything, but his pediatrician said he could "teeth" for months before an actual tooth shows up.

It has made him a bit cranky. Okay, a LOT cranky. And his sleeping patterns have been all messed up lately too because of it. All last week he would wake up almost every hour throughout the night. Usually I handle the weeknight feedings/diaper changes so Will can get enough rest for work the next day, but because of how often Preston has been up during the night I eventually hit my wall and enlisted Will's help. So we both have been pretty sleep deprived for a week straight. Finally last night though Preston let us all have a good night's sleep. Hopefully the little guy will get back into a regular sleeping schedule again. :)