Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I'm So Lucky

This is totally random...

But tonight as I was driving home alone after spending a girls night out with a friend who was visiting from Utah, I got to thinking about my amazing husband and two little guys.

I have been feeling guilty lately because I've been so busy with my music and trying to finish up my album, that I haven't had a lot of lazy family nights.  We seem to always be doing something, or finishing something, or working on a project.

So tonight while I was alone in the car, and it was quiet and peaceful, I just started thinking about these 3 gentlemen in my life and how much I love them.

I was thinking about how incredibly picky Will is about the decisions he makes in life.  The man will research things to death before making a decision on something.  He is always aware of ALL of his options before deciding on something.  It's nice, because I always know that whatever Will buys, or decides to do - I know that it's the right decision because I trust he always makes really good choices.  Even when we go to restaurants, he always seems to pick an entree that I want to take bites out of because it usually always tastes better than the one I ordered.  If he buys a product, I guarantee you that he has ready every single review on it available, and how to get it at the best price.  

These were things that I really didn't know THAT much about him when we were dating. I mean, yes, I knew that he really thought about things before deciding on them.  But it wasn't until after being married to him for a while where I got to see it in action.  HE REALLY DOES HIS RESEARCH. On everything.

Now knowing that, I suppose you could say it really makes me feel good (and in a bit of awe) that he chose me to be his wife.

Out of all his options out there, which I'm sure he thoroughly reviewed :), he picked me.  It makes me feel like wow, I am really worth something.  I mean, the pickiest man I know who has to be 100% certain about something and research it to death before buying - HE PICKED ME.

And THAT is why I am so lucky. I love him so very much and he is the perfect one for me.  It didn't take me a lot of research to know that :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

FHE Kayaking

After a super long rainy cold spell, the Seattle area has finally been getting some sunshine.

The boys and I have taken daily walks to the park to soak it in.  We are so lucky to live a block away from our community park - where there are swings, slides, teter-todders and a lake to through rocks in.

And we also tried out our kayaks on the lake for FHE last Monday...

Preston went first...while Taylor gawked from the shore.

And then finally it was Taylor's was his first time in the kayak.

Summer is going to be fun - I can tell already.  Bring it on.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Trains, Rain, and Prayers.

We have a son who dearly loves trains.  Like LOVES them.

So yesterday, I took the boys on a special trip to the local train station - because our local train station also happens to be one of the more famous train museums in the Seattle area (aren't we lucky?).

I was really hoping that the weather would cooperate for us, because it had been raining nonstop all week long.  And every single time it stopped raining long enough for me to bundle kids up and go outside, it would start again.

On our way to the train station, of course, it started to rain.  I had told Preston that we might not get to go walk around and see the trains if it is raining too hard. 

He was a bit distraught over that.

So I told him, "Well, how about we say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father if he will make it stop raining for us so that we can have a fun day and go see the trains?"

He said "Okay!".  And then I said a prayer asking for the rain to stop.

Well, a few seconds later the rain stopped.  Preston was so excited.

A little while later, it started to rain we sat on the bench at the train station and took cover.

And ate our train shaped crackers...

Preston said "I know Mama! We can say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to make the rain stop!"

I said, "okay!"

And this time he said the prayer, and it went like this "Heavenly Fodder, thank you for the rain to stop, name Jesus, Amen."

And then this happened a few minutes later...

This rain/prayer thing happened three times on our outing.  I am so glad that God answers little childrens' prayers - especially to show them that He does indeed answer prayers and to strengthen not only their faith but their parents' faith as well. :)

Now Preston knows that he can always say a prayer if he is in need, and it will be answered.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

LA Trip

As you learned from Will's fabulous post, (so impressed he blogged, by the way) that I was in LA for 5 days over last weekend.

So you got the scoop of what happened while they were here with Will, but here is the part where they stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for a couple of days too...and then a recap of my trip afterwards.

After a special trip to visit the new firehouse, where they firemen rolled out the red carpet for my boys and gave them the royal tour.

Swinging in the back yard with Grandpa...Preston looks very excited :)

Taylor's usual face...

Grandma getting in on the snuggle action...

Our "no fear kid" climbing right up the slide.  My mom told me that once he got to the top, he would actually try to jump off, and she had to run the first time to catch him.  *shaking my head*

It was Grandma's birthday last weekend, and before dropping them off we went to the store and Preston personally picked out Grandma's birthday balloon.  As you can see.   

Okay, now on with my trip in LA...

These pics are all completely out of order, by the way, but who cares. I'll just explain as I go. I'm too lazy to click/drag them.

So this whole trip was to go down and meet another artist, for whom in this blog shall remain nameless because I don't want Google searches to pick up on it and lead anyone here.  But anyway, you can go to my  facebook page or music blog if you really want to know her name.  Anyway, I went down to meet her - as we'd become very good friends over email (she is from Sweden), and as we have plans to collaborate on some music together this year - we wanted to finally meet. She was going to be in LA for a few things, and it just happened to work out that I went down to be part of some of the events with her.

So like I said these are out of order, but here is me on Sunday morning with my friend writer/director Ryan Mc.Neal.  He is the guy who wrote/directed the film "Minuet" that I scored last year and won the Gold Medal of Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival for Best Music in a Short Film.  I went to lunch with he and his wife at a quaint little cafe up Topanga Canyon. It was sooooo nice after spending a few days in downtown Hollywood. I was very much excited to spend some time in nature and go for a scenic drive.

After our lunch, we went to the beach - again SO NICE!!  I was very excited.  And I didn't even mind when the huge wave totally crashed into me and got me all wet and sandy.

Okay let's see here, okay these next couple of photos are Sunday before we left for the Indie Music Channel Awards.  My schedule while I was there was so busy that we rarely seemed to find a chance to eat, and these photos are of us right after we stuffed our faces trying to hurry and get a meal in before having to be somewhere.

This is Erika and I (you're probably wondering why she is there - but I stayed with her family in Glendale, and she decided to come down to visit her family as well, and I ended up inviting her to come meet my musician friend, which ended up her coming to almost everything with me).

This is my musician friend on the right, and her manager, Rachel, on the left.  Yes she is purposely trying to do a sultry look in this photo - as I was giggling while snapping the shot.

All right, here is me about 45 minutes later after we found parking and walked over to the House of Blues in Hollywood.  That place was pretty amazing I have to say - a very unique venue with very funky decor. Just really awesome and a pleasure to be there in person.  I hate this photo of me by the way, but it's the only one of me in front of the House of Blues.

Again out of order, but here is my friend and I inside the House of Blues after the awards were over. She ended up winning NINE awards that night. It was incredible - I was so happy for her! I only wish I had known about the awards as well and I would have submitted my music. Oh well - next year.  ;)

These are two very nice gentlemen I met while I was there - again not naming names because of google, but the guy on the left is a singer/entertainment consultant who helped us all weekend with venues, equipment, finding rehearsal space, and more.  The guy on the right is an Emmy winner and on the voting committee, also the founder of the Indie Music Channel. Both were very good contacts to be acquainted with - and very sweet genuine guys.

Here is my lovely friend on the red carpet after she won all 9 of her awards, including "Artist of the Year". She was so funny - such a great sense of humor. She was so nervous before the awards and was saying she would be happy just to win one award.  The funny thing, was Christopher (okay I said his name), the guy on the right above, emailed her before the awards and told her she was the only one nominated in the Classical category (among other categories) and wanted to know if that was okay.  She said no, because she didn't want to win if she was just competing against herself (dangitt and if I would have known that would have been my category as well).  Anyway, before the awards, she was saying "I should have accepted the Classical award - because then at least I know I would have won one!".  Well, obviously, she didn't need to worry about that. She swept the awards. 

Here she is with Rachel on the front balcony of the House of Blues calling out to Erika and I as we are standing in line waiting to get our ID's checked and do the whole red carpet and go in.  We took separate cars which is why we were so much later than them. I had to be up for the airport at 4:30 the next morning and the awards were going to go until 1am and I didn't want to be out that late - hence separate transportation.

Here is Erika and I inside the House of Blues - John (the other guy) took this photo of us. He was our buddy all night as my friend was accepting all of her zillion awards - haha!

Here is all of us...

Whew - all right enough of the awards show.

Here is us girls being completely silly at Sephora, where we got sucked into having our makeup done by the artists there.  We were wanting "concert makeup" as we were all performing the following evening. My dress was navy blue, and so she did a smoked-out navy shadow on my eyes.  When Will saw the photos, he was like, "Um, your makeup was very interesting". Haha. Poor Will, he probably wondered what the heck I did on my trip other than play with makeup. 

Here is my friend and I at lunch at the Grill in the Highlands Complex.  She hates this photo, but she will never read my blog so no matter. :)

And I'm sure Erika will hate this photo as well, but as she is the queen of always doing goofy poses in photos, well that's her problem. :)

Here is me trying to check out my makeup in the mirror after my "makeover" at Sephora.  I may or may not have boughten some really nice makeup while I was there. Shhhh don't tell Will.

Annnnd another photo I am not fond of - but who cares.  This was us Saturday night after our concert at the Swedish Church in San Pedro.  My only excuse for hideousness is that it was like 95 degrees and there was no air conditioning in the church. I already sweat a lot when I perform, and then coupled with the heat there was no way I was going to make it through the concert with good hair. So up into a ponytail it went.  And I only had like 5 minutes to fix my makeup before the concert as well - so I guess I never did get to try out my smoked-out blue eyeshadow. Oh well.

Ah, one last photo - here's me on the red carpet for the awards show.  I actually did not know I was going to be doing the red carpet that night since I wasn't a nominee.  Had I known I would have done something better with my hair, and worn a long necklace. Oh well.  My friend, who is a stylist, called me up afterwards and railed on me for wearing a white tshirt with no necklace.  Ok in my own defense, I pulled the outfit together at the last minute and underneath that huge main of hair I was actually wearing HUGE earrings and didn't think it would have gone well with a necklace. 

And for all those who could care less about makeup and clothes, this blog was obviously not for you. Haha. Sorry.

Anyway the trip was good.  I learned a lot, met a lot of really great people, came home with new ideas and outlooks on things.  But as always, it's good to be back at home with my boys. I do have to say I am missing the nice sunny weather of LA though. It's been freezing here in Seattle and raining. :(