Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Family Portraits

My parents came to our house yesterday and my Dad brought with him all of his photography equipment. We set up a little studio inside of our living room and got our first family pictures taken together. We wanted to get some pictures of Preston while he was still really little (he is 2 weeks old now). I think they turned out really cute. Here are several of our favorite.

You should be able to click to enlarge. Sorry, there are a lot. :)

All photographs by Ron Southworth

Thursday, June 26, 2008


A friend of mine asked me today to post pictures of both Will and I as babies to compare who Preston resembles. You be the judge...

(Click to enlarge)

1st row Left: Jenni (in pink blanket) with brother Mike

Right: Jenni's Dad, Mike, and Jenni

2nd row left: Even though it says Seth, it is actually Will.

Right: Will

Bottom row: This is actually Mike (Jenni's brother) with Grandma Lindsay. I just thought Preston resembled him a lot in this picture.

It was hard to find any "newborn" pictures of Will and I, so it is kind of hard to judge since Preston is only 2 weeks old right now. Anyway I just this would be fun to see though!