Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Portland Temple

I was in Portland visiting Will and he took me to the Portland temple grounds to walk around and see the beautiful flowers and to feel the special spirit that is there. It really is a neat place to go with your special someone.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Love Email

One afternoon when I was working at Benaroya Hall, I was checking my email and in my inbox was the BEST email from Will. It was a love email and it meant so much to me I kept it.

April 21, 2004


I wanted to put I LOVE YOU!!! in the subject line, but didn't think that would be too appropriate, so hence "memo".

I was just getting ready to send you an email when I received yours. I just spent the last hour, updating all of our photos together and putting them onto Nate's computer as well, so now I have all our photos in 4 different spots, Nate's computer, Bryan's computer, my school shared drive, and Yahoo photos. It's complicated making sure every new photo gets to all 4 destinations, but it's worth it to have photos of you everywhere I go. Just and update to let you know, I have about 60 photos of us together, not bad huh?

So, just getting done with that, well, I just wanted to tell you that I Love you SOO much. Thank you for loving me and wanting to be with me, it means a lot. Jenni, I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH right now. WOW!!! You are going to get a lot of your love language right now so hang on.

Jenni, you truly are the most wonderful woman in the entire world. I love every bit of you. You are such a blessing to my life and by no doubt, my #1 investment. (LOL) I enjoy all our time together and consider myself the luckiest man to be able to occupy your time, energy, and love. I feel humbled knowing that our Heavenly Father would bless me and trust me with and in your presence. Jenni, I love you. I apologize for the times when I don't express that enough or that I don't put you as my #2 priority. Jenni, I love that you are almost always happy and giggly. I love your free natured spirit. Thank you for all your time and effort you put towards our relationship.

I remember the expression on my face looking something like this after reading that:

Friday, April 16, 2004

Orcas Island

We decided to take a trip up to Orcas Island. It was a lot of fun cruising around the island. We also went and visited Moran State Park and the Rosario Resort. We got to listen to a piano concert by Christopher Peacock, and also stand at the top of Mt. Constitution. What a view!

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

More Fun in Seattle

Above: The Edmonds Ferry Terminal

Will came up again to visit me and we had some fun around the Seattle area. It is finally getting to be Spring and we are seeing more of the sun, so getting out and about is funner. Here are some photos from our recent adventures...

Below: Us in front of the Mukilteo Lighthouse (also where that romantic Valentine's Day kiss happened) :)
Below: Us at the top of the lighthouse. By the way, this was before church which is why we were dressed up.

Below: Will and I playing around some artsy sculpture at the Ballard Locks in downtown Seattle

Below: Goofing off at the Seattle Aquarium

Below: Eating brownies on a picnic at Washington Park near Anacortes