Sunday, February 29, 2004

Ward Talent Show and Stake Conference

Will had come up to visit me for a ward talent show that I was performing in, and then the next day we headed up to Marysville to attend my parents' Stake Conference. My dad had just been called into the Stake Presidency the year before, and it has been fun to hear him speak to the congregations on various meetings.

Below: Jenni performing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" on violin,
with Brett Fawcett on guitar and vocals.

These pictures were taken outside the church building after the meetings were over

(Below: Jenni's Mom, Jenni, and Jenni's Dad)

Below: Will and Jenni

Below: Our favorite - Will trying to hold Jenni's hair back from the wind blowing it all over the place, and Jenni trying not to laugh.

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