Saturday, September 4, 2004

Labor Day Weekend - San Juan Islands

We had the fun experience of going up to the San Juan Islands for Labor Day with some friends. This trip had meaning for us, because it was the same time, place, and occasion the year previous where Will felt inspired that he needed to go searching for someone from the area (that ended up being me, if you remember reading our story about how we met). But this time we got to experience the San Juans together, so even though we were with friends, it was still romantic to us.

The whole purpose of the trip was to go scuba diving. With us were our friends Bryan, Peter, Jennifer, and Shannon. Everyone scuba dived except for Shannon and I - so we went kayaking instead.

Above: Jenni hugging Will as he is getting changed into his wetsuit to go diving.

Above: Peter, Jen, Bryan, and Will preparing to dive into the 50 degree Pacific Ocean, hence the thick wetsuits to preserve their bodyheat.

Above: The first scuba diving spot - Limekiln State Park

Above: A picture of Will, Jenni, Peter, and Bryan after they had dried off and changed

We all got a group camping spot on the San Juan Island and had fun each night cooking dinner, and talking about everything from scuba diving to dating.

Above: The three stooges - Bryan, Peter, and Will

Above: This is how Jenni utilized the downtime at the campground

Caught snoozing!

Above: The next scuba diving spot (on a different day) was called "Deadman's Cove". Fortunately, everyone made it out alive. :)

Above: Kayaking again. I had fun following the bubbles coming up from the water, as I could tell where they guys were diving at. Will and Peter came up a couple of times and showed me some of the "treasures" they found - which happened to include a big sea cucumber and a 3 foot wide sunstar (a starfish with a lot of tentacles).

Below: A beautiful sunset on the last evening we were there

Above: Shannon, Jennifer, and Jenni

Everyone decided to go scuba diving one more time before catching the ferry the next morning. I actually went ahead and caught a ferry that departed hours earlier so that I could spend some time with my parents on Camano Island (being that we drove all the way up from Portland for this trip).

Below: Will and I saying goodbye as I am about to leave for the ferry terminal and he is about to go diving one more time.

Above: Will trying to snooze in the car while he is waiting to get on the ferry

Ah finally! The ferry has arrived.

A beautiful sunset picture that Will took as he rode the ferry home from San Juan Island.

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