Saturday, February 5, 2005

Jenni's Portland Bridal Shower

I had my first bridal shower this last weekend! Considering that I have been to my fair share of bridal/baby showers over the years, it was a lot of fun to finally be the one that the shower was for.

Above: Tessha, Dalynn, Jessica (my housemate), and a few other friends from our singles ward

Dalynn, Tessha, Elizabeth, and Dawn (all my bridesmaids) put this shower on for me. It was held at Dalynn's home. We started out with a brunch (some yummy egg quiche that Dalynn made) and then had chocolate cake later on.

I received some really nice gifts from my friends, including a kitchen cannister set, table clothes, some cds, lotion, and of course....lingerie. What bridal shower would be complete without the gift of lingerie?!

Below: It took me a while to figure out how you would wear this one....can you figure it out? Haha!

Above: Believe it or not, but this is superman lingerie. When Will was younger, he used to go around pretending he was Superman in his S-man tshirt. So Tessha bought me this. How fitting! Thanks Tessha! :)

Above: My Mom, Me, and Elizabeth
Below: Me eating some chocolate cake, and to my right is my friend Theresa

Above: This rolling pin was my great-great grandmother's
Below: Dalynn getting something from the fridge and being a great hostess
Above: I was very happy that my Mom was able to drive down to Portland (from Camano Island) to come to my shower.

After the shower, we all (Will's family, Will, my Mom, and Me) went out for pizza at Godfather's Pizza. It was pretty good. Will had gone skiing with some of his friends during the bridal shower, and so as you can see from these next pictures he looks quite tired. Poor guy.

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