Sunday, July 31, 2005

Move to Washington

As you know, for the past few months we have been living unemployed and living off of love. Literally. Well, and the magnificant savings that Will had in the bank before we got married.

But after months and months of job searching in the Portland area, Will actually found a job in Seattle.

So as of July, we packed up our belongings and made the trek up to the Bellevue area. It was quite the adventure that is for sure...

The little rental house we had lined up - which was PERFECT by the way (right by the beach, walking distance to shops and fun stuff) - was conveniently rented out to someone else by the time we showed up with our Uhaul. We stayed in Motel 6 for over a week while I scurried around trying to find an alternative place to live while Will started his new job. It was kind of stressful, we were sad that the dumb landlord of the rental house cheated us, and our fish died while being cooped up in the Uhaul for a week...but in the end we found a nice little condo in Bellevue for a good price. $795 per month. Which, for Portland, is expensive. (We were paying $500/month in Portland). But for Seattle, it is the cheapest we could find.

Welcome to Seattle!

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