Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Concert Vid - Live in Seattle

More concert footage. This one was at Benaroya Hall in the Soundbridge Recital Hall, with my fellow music collegue, Emmy award winning pianist/composer J.ace V.ek. (sorry I have to distort his name to avoid google searches leading to our blog from random fans).


Part 1

Part 2


Suguturaga's said...

Love it... you are amazing

Steve said...

Really? You can't use his name on your blog? Is that a legal issue so it doesn't look like you're using his name to advertise your music? Because if so, it seems like a weird stipulation to me. Especially since you did a concert with him.

Can I use his name in my blogs?

Well, I'm not a lawyer, so I'll leave it alone. Still, you are by far the best composer/performer I've ever met, and that's good enough for me.

Jenni said...

LOL ohhh okay, I can see why that was confusing. Steve I'll explain. I don't want fans finding our personal family blog, but I don't want to make our blog Private. so in order to make it near impossible for people who do google searches for my music to not find our family blog, I never write my professional name on our blog, but instead I use "Jenni". And in the case of Jace, I put the period marks in there so if someone did a google search for his name, it would not lead to our family blog either.

I would love for everyone to find the videos and view them,as I have them on youtube and my music blog, but I just don't want them to find our family blog. If that makes sense. So far I've been successful at this. If you google my professional name, you can go through 10 google pages and our blog never shows up. If so, then I remedy it by editing the blog post so that my name is not on it (my prof name).

Dan Thomas said...

Fantastic as usual! That must have been some concert!

Sandy and I gave copies of your Lullaby Album to Jolene and Paunie. I hope that was OK. The other day was Paunie's birthday and we were at Dave and Jo's for her birthday so Sandy felt like she wanted to give them your album. Jolene really made a fuss over your blogs. She love them and how talented you are at doiong them.

Andrea Gerak said...
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