Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowed In...Sort Of.

We all know that the phrase "Snow in Seattle" is an oxymoron.

And when it happens, people stay in, stay home, close everything, OR they venture out and become the world's most wreckless freaked out drivers over 2 inches of the white stuff.

We opted to stay in today.  Church was not cancelled, but we decided to not brave our icy hill, as we got word that my Dad had actually crashed his car this morning going down their hill. He ran into a guardrail and the whole right front end is all smashed up. :(  Having 9 am church when the temps are still really freezing, underneath that skiff of snow is actually a lot of ice.

So instead we went for a walk in it!
It was Taylor's first time walking in snow. He wasn't so sure what to think about it.  Nervous at first, but then eventually got brave.  Wouldn't cross the street though, or step on any big chunks of snow.

We were really hoping Preston would like the snow this year - as the past 2 years in a row he has been scared of the snow and cried when we tried to get him to play in it.

He did cry, but after a while, he finally warmed up to it and actually went down a sledding hill several times with Will.

Taylor eventually got really tired of it and started fussing, so I went home and got the jogging stroller and put him in it. He felt much more secure there.

This was a photo I took from my phone yesterday - it was such a blustery day. White caps on the water and soooooo cold!

Last night, Will and I had a date night! Yippee!

His work had a holiday/winter party at the EMP in downtown Seattle (Experience Music Project). It's the totally weird, somewhat ugly building that is underneath the Space Needle at the Seattle Center. It's more or less a museum of music pop culture music history.

So I got my bling on and got all dolled up...

And we had a fun date night...

I was rather disappointed that for being the MUSIC history center, they didn't have a single piano to play on in the building.  And just when I was craving one...

In other news....more on our house.

Out with the old chandelier, and in with the new....

I will tell you that we got that entry chandelier for a pretty good deal on and free shipping. I had originally bought a chandelier from Lowe's, but it wasn't really what I wanted and I felt like I was settling.  So when I found this one online, I ordered it and we returned the other one.

This is the light fixture for my music studio - but not entirely put together.  It is going to be pretty sweet though when all hung up. We are waiting until we get the sound buffering sheet rock on the walls installed - as they will be spraying that gross smelly sheet rock stuff all over the place.  I don't want to get it on my pretty chandelier. :)

The End. For now.


James and Elizabeth said...

Good stuff. Gwenevere wanted to play in the snow but it took some convincing to get her into clothes warm enough to go play in the snow.

I love your new chandelier and I love all the house updates.

Sandy said...

So sorry you got the snow and especially sad to hear about your dad's truck. We had a few inches before Christmas but ever since it melted, it feels about like March here. No snow, little wind. Not bad for January in Idaho. I'll let you know when we get hit. I expect it will come and will last forever.

Dan Thomas said...

We have now snow. I bet we get some after you are through with it!