Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Will!

Dear Will ~

Since I didn't get around to making you the cute father's day card I had hoped to, I'm writing you a letter here.  This way it will last forever. :)

I just want you to know what a great dad you are to our boys.  I love how when you've worked too many hours, or have been gone on your man-trips you will always come back and say how much you missed the boys.  It shows me that you love us and value us over all the other stuff.

I love that you enjoy doing bedtime with the boys and you have your own set routine with it.  When I do bedtime with them, they always remind me of how it is supposed to be done :)

I love how you have been trying to teach our boys the value of hard work.  You invite Preston to empty the garbages with you every week, and when you let him run with you - you always push him to go further than his little 4 year old legs think they can go.  He always beams with pride afterwards.

I love that you try to find teaching moments in every day life.  Today Taylor saw a picture of Jesus at church and pointed at it and said "Thesus! Thesus!"  I thought the nursery must be doing a good job of teaching him that day, but then you told me that earlier this morning you showed him all of the pictures of Jesus in the scriptures and that is how he knew.

I love that every morning our boys ask "Where's Papa?" because they miss you and want to be around you.  And they get so excited when you come home from work that they wait on the porch for you (if they happen to be up from their naps at that time).

I love that you have a kind gentle spirit about you and never get super angry at anyone. You are a great example of patience to us all.

I love that you have been teaching our boys to say "Thank you mama" after I've made dinner, or done routine mom-stuff for them. It makes me feel really appreciated and it will teach our boys to be grateful.

Thank you for being such a great husband and father.  You have an amazing amount of patience and love for us.  You are a hard worker and I know you do it for us.  We are so lucky.  I love you! ~ Jenni


Will Thomas said...

Thanks babe!Being a Father (& Husband)are my favorite things. You guys make it so fun.

Dan Thomas said...

Will, children learn what they see!

Dan Thomas said...

The number one thing that a father can do his family is to love there mother.