Friday, August 31, 2012

See Will Run.

We are heading out today on our way to Utah for Will's race and my concert.  My concert is sold out, but Will's race is open to anyone who would love to come and cheer him on with us! You will also be able to follow Will's progress online at this website on race day:

Here is the info he provided me. Please come support if you can!  He will be running his 3rd 100 mile race - the Wasatch 100.  It is a grueling race with a lot of elevation climb (about as much as Mt. Everest). It is considered one of the hardest 100 miles races.  Sometimes the only way he keeps going is by seeing familiar smiling faces along the way :)

People can see me in the mid afternoon & again around dusk on Friday, but we’re only allowed to take one car to these aid stations, so everyone will need to park at a designated interim parking lot that the race has set aside up Parley’s canyon which is close to these aid stations. See more information here:

People can see me early Saturday morning at Brighton Ski Resort (hopefully around 5am but you'll want to tune into the race website to confirm this). Anyone can come see me there.

People can see me at the finish line around mid to hopefully not too late afternoon on Saturday at the finish line in Midway. I hope to be there between 3-5pm.


Dan Thomas said...

We are planning on being there.

James and Elizabeth said...

Good luck Will. We'll be thinking of you.