Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thomas 4 + 1 = Family of 5

Well sorry to those who aren't on Facebook, I made the announcement yesterday that we are expecting baby #3. And I would have posted it here sooner, but thanks to some serious nausea I don't feel like doing much. 

So yes, now that I have the first doctor appointment out of the way I can finally open my big mouth.  We are pregnant!! Or, well, I am pregnant and Will is excited.

The baby is due sometime mid-March 2014. I am almost 7 weeks along right now.  It is very early, but I am grateful for a good appointment where we got to see the little bean on an ultrasound.  He/she is measuring right as they should be, and had a strong heartbeat of 120 bpm.

This all happened fast, but very divinely inspired.  I will tell you the story sometime, but for now I am going to go get a nap. The morning sickness is kicking my trash, and I need to take advantage of the fact that at this very moment my boys are being watched by a friend in our ward. 

I'm going to go take a nap and hopefully get some food down.  Later.


Dalynn said...


James and Elizabeth said...

Hip Hip Hooray. We are so excited for your family. Does this mean you'll be getting a bigger car soon? hehehehe

Dan Thomas said...

We are so happy for you. I really like the way you said you were pregnant and Will is expecting. Are you going to get a bigger car or see if you have to give up your music room for a nursary?

Sandy said...

Hang in there sweetheart! It takes it all but it will give back much more later. I'm praying for you.