Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Over the Years - Thomas Family 2003 - Present

2013 marks our 10th Christmas together, and I thought it would be fun to look at photos from each Christmas from the last year to see how we've grown and changed...

2003 - We were just beginning to date, weren't even "official" yet. He stopped by my parents home on his way back from Whistler to visit me. I had been sick that day - hence the ghostly complexion, but he was so sweet. Brought me a Kinder Egg and some holiday cheer. We had an amazing New Years date a couple of weeks later and I knew he was the one for me.

2004 - We were engaged here. This was at a Holiday YSA dance in Portland. I had moved to Portland earlier in 2004 to be closer to Will. We got engaged in October 2004. So in love

2005 - Our first Christmas together as a married couple. This was our first apartment we moved into in Seattle (Bellevue). We had been married about 9 months at this point. You don't know how many "self" portraits we attempted to take with our tripod and camera before finally getting one that wasn't too cheesy.

2006 - Still enjoying newlywed life! This was at Will's company Christmas party for John Buchan Homes. At this time we were managing Ridegwater Apartments in Bothell. I had just worked hard to release my first album.

2007 - I was about 3 months pregnant with Preston in this photo. Christmas in Leavonworth, WA with my parents that year! Very festive and fun. We were very excited about our first bun-in-the-oven here.

2008 - First Christmas with a kid! Preston was 6 months old here. Photo taken at Alki Beach in West Seattle by my Dad (

2009 - Another Christmas in Leavonworth with my parents, and I was only about 9 weeks pregnant here with Taylor. Feeling a little nauseous on this trip Haha. Preston was 18 months old. 

2010 -- Snowshoeing at Mt. Baker this year. Preston was 2 and 1/2, and Taylor was 4 months old.

Another 2010 - Christmas with the four of us! Preston was 2 and 1/2. Taylor was 4.5 months old. It was so hard to get a family photo - someone was crying or not looking at the camera.

2011 - Christmas at my parents house - Preston was 3.5, and Taylor was a little over a year old.

2012 - Preston was 4, Taylor was 2. This was taken at Alpental Ski Lodge near Snoqualmie Pass on Christmas Eve by my Dad. Such a fun day!

2013 - Christmas Eve this year! Just a few days ago - Preston is 5, and Taylor is 3 and we are pregnant with a 3rd boy due March 16, 2014.


Will and Heidi said...

Fun photos! I bet it's nice having a photographer in the family.

James and Elizabeth said...

I love the 2013 picture. Your little men look so adorable and you and Will look amazing. It's great to see what 10 years of true caring love looks like. :-)

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

How cool to see how you guys have transformed since the beginning of your relationship! I love that. You also have the best hair I have ever seen. And that dress from 04, wow! I LOVE IT - please tell me you still have that?! Congrats on baby #3- you have a beautiful family <3