Friday, September 26, 2014

Riley Finn's 6 Month Pictures

We (meaning Will) took Riley's 6 month photos last Sunday when he turned 6 months old exactly. 

Blue and Orange (separate or together) are his colors because they match his blue eyes and red hair, and so I had to get this adorable outfit for him. 

However, who knew that it would be like 90 degrees outside on a Sunday morning in the middle of September?!

But we all tried our best to put our smiles on for the camera, despite being incredibly sweaty and a little bit uncomfortable.  Riley was super tired as well, but he was a trooper!

Some things Riley is doing now that he is 6 months old:

- Sitting up
- Transferring objects from one hand to another
- Grabbing his toes (and lovvvves it)
- Eating some pureed foods and a little bit of baby cereal (although his digestive system is still adjusting and so he hasn't had a ton of it)
- Giggles at his brothers when they try to entertain him
- Lights up whenever Mommy walks into the room
-Speaking of mommy, he does NOT like anyone else to put him to bed or fetch him in the middle of the night other than mommy or he puts up a huge fight
- Blows bubbles with his spit/drool
- Thinks bath time is splash time!
- Very sweet and good natured - in fact we take him pretty much anywhere with us. He never cries.
- Has THE sharpest little baby fingernails despite how often I try to clip them
- No teeth yet
- Weighs 19 pounds (75%)
- Is 27.5" long (75%)
- Still sleeps in our bedroom in a Rock 'n Play
- Enjoys play time in his Exersaucer
- Loves it when Mommy plays the piano
- Still squeezes into 6 month sizes, but fits the best into 9 month
- Still exclusively breastfeeds, no bottle or formula, though I've tried LOL.

Here are the that wouldn't be considered "keepers", but for me they capture some of the moments where I see Riley's true personality coming through. So cute.

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