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February RECAP

Well, once again I have been failing in keeping up on our family blog.  I wrote one post in February, and one in April.

So obviously there is a lot that happened in between then that I didn't get to post about.

So I'm going to try to do just a QUICK re-cap...actually just copying/pasting from previous FB posts. (thank goodness for my mini-journal Facebook!)

Weekend at The Grammys

Will, Riley, and I flew to Los Angeles for Grammy weekend.  I vlogged about it here:

And then here are some photos...

From last night after the pre-Grammy parties - about midnight-ish, and my feet were hurting bad enough from my heels that Will told me to sit on a street corner while he would get the car. I told him I wasn't too fond of standing on street corners in downtown Hollywood lol. Haha.

Awwwe, it's seriously been since he was a newborn last time he slept snuggled into me sitting up against my chest. I lovvvvve this so much. 💕💖💤🍼

This beach girl was very at home in Manhattan Beach where she grew up. So fun to see her so excited. Sandy Thomas

We needed a little bell that would ring for the 572 times a female human came up to us today and commented on Riley's red hair. ‪#‎Redheadbaby‬‪#‎charmer‬ ‪#‎conversationstarter‬

Hi my name is Jennifer Thomas. I'm a pianist, composer, recording artist, my music is classical crossover cinematic, my music idols are Hans Zimmer and Beethoven, and my shoes are killing me, my hair smells like other people's cigarettes, and I'm hungry. LOL any more questions? ‪#‎Grammys‬‪#‎soireeparty‬ ‪#‎houseofblues‬ ‪#‎hungry‬

This little one is doing much better today. He partied with Grandma last night at the hotel, and thankfully seems to be done with his tummy bug. Yay smile emoticon

February 8 · Edited ·
3 days in LA without a major celebrity sighting, and we walk through the airport this morning and Will gets totally star struck by this bearded grungy looking guy. "Do you know who that is???" He says to me all wide-eyed. "No, a homeless man?" I say. "He is like a MAJOR ultra runner athlete from San Fran." Will's mom and I looked at each other and wondered why he was at the Burbank airport all the way from SF. "Maybe he ran his way here and had to fly back?" Hahaha. *Will rolls eyes*. You might not get the humor in that unless you know about ultra running. ‪#‎Itwashisluckyday‬ ‪#‎ultrarunnerlife‬

February 9 · Edited ·
Annnnnd it's Will's turn for the tummy bug. Ugh. Crossing fingers I don't get it. Both Riley and Taylor had it over that weekend (while Taylor was at G&G's, and we were in LA), but I was trying hard to wash my hands and disinfect. Hoping it protected me. Nothing I hate more than the tummy bug. frown emoticon Poor Will.

February 10 · Edited ·
I have to admire our 6 year old, who wakes up around the 6 o'clock hour every morning because 1) he's excited for school, and 2) he wants to be up early enough to have plenty of time to play before the bus comes. This morning I had to tell him to go back to bed because he was up at 6:05 LOL. IF only I had that attitude - "I think I'll get up before the kids this morning to make sure I have plenty of personal time to get things done." Wise beyond his years that Preston is! ‪#‎iwouldrathersleep‬

From The Soiree party last weekend in LA. ‪#‎Soiree‬ ‪#‎grammys‬

Back to Normal Life...

This cutie pie had his 9 month wellness visit today, though he is technically 10.75 months old. Since Will quit his job last year (so we could concentrate on my music fulltime), and we lost our awesome health insurance, we switched to the government health plan which took a bit and thus were were a bit behind on Riley's visit.
But this almost-11 month old is 22 lbs (66%), 29.5 inches long (55%), and has a big noggin at 48 cm (98%). With all the measles stuff going on, I'm looking forward to his 12 month visit when he can receive his other half of the MMR vaccine. Grateful for a healthy baby, and we sure enjoy him!!

Preston came home bearing homemade Valentine's gifts from his 1st grade class today. I just love this. I also love that he said "And Mom, I made the smile a mean toothy smile." Haha...#valentines

In the car, on our Valentine's date, Will is driving, and I have NO CLUE where we're going. I'm super curious since we started at 3pm, and he had me dress up all fancy schmancy. Sneaky guy this one is....

For those that want to know what the surprise Valentine's date was....Cirque de Soleil!!! I love it!
 — with Will Thomas.

Shut your eyes, PDA #sorrynotsorry. I usually refrain, but tonight this man was ok with me eating lots and lots of garlic at an amazing Italian restaurant tonight. And he still let me kiss him!! That is true love right there #Valentines

It was a deep cleaning day around here, and I'm so proud of Preston (6) and Taylor (4) for doing their part. They earned themselves some Hotwheels cars (thanks to Uncle Kevin Harmon). Now I'm ready for some R&R with my Valentine...

1 year ago at 36 wks prego vs. a few days ago. Haha my hair is pretty much the same. #Valentines

February 15 · Edited · 

My boys brought me sweet flowers today from Primary at church. This is one of the best things about having little boys....seeing them running towards me saying "Momma these are for you!!"

February 15 · 
Sunday shenanigans...

February 17 · Edited · 
1:30 a.m. and up with a baby whom I think has croup. Any advice from moms? (Who might be up at this hour...)

And you thought women usually have more shoes? I dare any female to challenge my shusband' running shoes collection. These all got muddy and so he was leaving them in the sun to #ultrarunnerlife

February 18 · 
My Dad is too cool. He's been getting into mountain climbing lately and funny enough, this was yesterday - the exact same time that Will was climbing that mountain peak that you see in the way background there...

February 19 · 
I love being a mom. But I don't so much love being awake between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. with a sick baby. ~Yawn~
February 19 · 
Conversation with Taylor (4 yrs old) this morning.
Taylor: Mama, my bum hurts.
Me: Why does your bum hurt?
Taylor: It just does!
Me: Well maybe go put on some new underwear and see if that helps.
Moments later from the top of the stairs he yells:
Taylor: "My BUM STILL HURTS!!!"
Me (from downstairs): Well come here so I can take a look.
Takes me a second to register.
Me: " come down here so I can look at it, silly."

February 20 · 

After 15,000 unsuccessful tries to get this little one to take a nap today...I finally succeeded. Now where is my nap? #teethingbaby #hehateshiscrib #11monthsold

February 20 · Edited · 
I just stress ate Ben & Jerry's. Ugh. Why am I stressed? Because I literally feel like I have spent my entire day trying to put Riley to sleep. But instead he likes to sleep in my arms nursing, and as soon as I lay him in his crib he's wide awake, flips over, stands up and holds onto the side crying...crying...crying. Babyyyyyyyy just stay laying down and go to sleep!!! I even shared my Ben &Jerry's with him because instead of being in bed, he's in my lap. In his defense, he has gained 4 new teeth in 2 days so maybe we both deserved the B&J's.
 — feeling tired.

February 20 · Edited · 
I just stress ate Ben & Jerry's. Ugh. Why am I stressed? Because I literally feel like I have spent my entire day trying to put Riley to sleep. But instead he likes to sleep in my arms nursing, and as soon as I lay him in his crib he's wide awake, flips over, stands up and holds onto the side crying...crying...crying. Babyyyyyyyy just stay laying down and go to sleep!!! I even shared my Ben &Jerry's with him because instead of being in bed, he's in my lap. In his defense, he has gained 4 new teeth in 2 days so maybe we both deserved the B&J's.
 — feeling tired.

February 23 · Edited · 
Just in case anyone wants to know what it's like trying to shower with my baby in's like this: Me in shower. Him standing outside shower balancing by holding onto the side and dropping anything and everything INTO said shower, including but not limited to shampoo bottles, my underwear, my clothes, socks, toilet paper. And all faster than I can grab it and throw it back out before it's soaked. And all with him laughing and watching it all fall in. LOL Fun times....wet times, but fun times.

February 23 · 

"Excuse me mom, but I think your music would sound better if you added some more of THIS to it." - says the cute baby in my studio smile emoticon #musicianmom#tryingtoworkaroundbaby

February 23 · 
While driving in the car, Preston says:
"Mama, I know how you can not let a bee sting you."
Me: "Really? How?"
Preston: "You just have to be like a flower."
Smart kid. smile emoticon

I just finished taking a tour of the Bastyr Chapel at Bastyr University with one of my recording engineers, where we will be recording the Ensign Symphonic Choir in May, as well as shooting a music video as well. Oh my goodness this place is gorgeous both architecturally and acoustically. I feel very honored and excited about this experience. #bucketlist#christmasalbum #epic

So fun to have lunch with my dear friend Noelle, and her man (what a cute couple!). I miss this girl too much. #friendssincechildhood #friendsforever

February 26 · 
I have spent the afternoon composing and my brain wants to explode. A lot of concentration, thinking, pondering, strategy, education, music theory and especially REPETITION goes into writing music.
I'm done for the day. Putting kids to bed soon and hopefully find something on Netflix for Will and I that involves laughing and minimal thinking lol.

February 27 · Edited · 
Enjoying a mommy-son date at the symphony with my music loving Taylor. As you can see, he is handling it like any 4year old would haha.
 smile emoticon

February 28 · Instagram · 
Do I want to munch on these cheeks? Need you even ask. ‪#‎yummybaby‬‪#‎familylibrarytime‬

It's been am insanely busy weekend. Between being up with baby all night, RS Health Expo this morning, music stuff, Skyping with @glengabriel in Sweden this morning while it's still somewhat daytime for him to work out links in the music producing process, and planning to hit the NW Grammy breakout sessions meeting tonight with my hubs....we have stolen 2 hours this afternoon to take the family to the library and the lake. I got a semi-workout around the trail with the jogger. I might need sleep deprived, but I'm refreshed. #oxymoron #familytime

February 28 · Edited · 

Came home from Will and I's date tonight to find this at my desk. No doubt a giveaway that our creatively minded Preston was having fun with his hand and drawing skills this evening. Love that kid and that we are always finding evidence of his imagination around.

A new to me trail, that led to hours of bushwhacking, a river ford and my awesome wife rescuing me 25 miles from my car.

Camping in February. #boysnightout literally
 — atTinkham Campground.

Sunset over Indian Head Peak. More photos here:

A breathtaking day skiing on Glacier Peak. The hidden volcano giant.

February 17 · Edited ·  · 

Finally reached Glacier Gap and a look back at the Suiattle (left) & White Chuck (right) glaciers with Kololo Peaks. You can see the frozen tarn down on the right side.
 — at Glacier Peak Wilderness.

February 17 · 
I have been itching to get into the remote Glacier Peak Wilderness for a few years. With this mild winter and fair weather I packed my skis up for a long 17 hour day hiking and skiing 32+ miles and climbing 11,000+ feet. I didn't quite have time to summit the peak, but came within 2,000 feet. It was a breathtaking day and probably the most remote I have ever felt while in the wilderness. I hope to get back soon to see the views from the top.

Breakfast in bed from my little valentines.

First day Stair climbing. No rope, harness or helmet. Scrambling just like Papa. #mommaisgone that is a rap for February! :)

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