Saturday, August 14, 2004

Camping at Jubilee Lake

We got to go camping with Jenni's grandparents at Jubilee Lake in Oregon this weekend. Jenni's grandparents happen to be pretty avid outdoor enthusists - even in their older years. They have backpacked the mountains of Eastern Oregon almost every year for the past 30 years. And now that her grandfather is getting too unstable with his footing to continue backpacking, he was still more than excited to go camping.

We also had Jenni's younger brother, Shaun, join us as well. This was a lot of fun since it had been a while since we had seen him.

Above: Jenni's brother Shaun, putting on his shoes getting ready for a hike

Above: Will, Jenni. Shaun, and Grandpa as we all hiked around the lake

Above: Will having fun in his little blow-up raft.

Above: A roap swing that we found - Will being the only one brave enough to try it and not fall into the lake.

Above: Our "pet" deer that kept lingering around our campsite looking for some food

Above: Grandma is always a softy. Here she is trying to entice the deer with something yummy.

Above: Will serenading everyone with his excellent harmonica skills. It was just fun to watch him have fun.

Above: Grandpa and Shaun getting the boat ready to put in the lake

Above: And morning comes...some fun pictures of all of us waking up

Below: Somehow, I don't think Grandma would appreciate us putting this picture of her in.
"I haven't done my hair yet!"

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