Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jenni Performing at the Airport

I got to be part of the "Entertainment Series" at the Portland Airport for several months. I was not compensated monitarily for this, but I did get my name on a huge poster advertising me as a musician, my name announced over the intercom when they would say "Now performing...", and also free lunch at the airport food court. :)

I should have a sign that says "Will play for food". :)

I took this voluntary "job" as just another means to keep up my performance skills. It was neat to see the travellers stop and listen to me play. Sometimes I would even make tips. And it was convenient since I worked at the private airport next door - it was a short commute.

My only complaint was that the piano was not so great - it was digital and I was often competing with the loud music coming out of the shops across the corridor.

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