Sunday, September 2, 2007

We are Moving...Again

Yes it's true. And yes we did just move to a new apartment 4 months ago.

But as you know, we've been managing apartments for almost two years now and so our home has always been associated with what property we were managing.

4 months ago we moved to a new property which was twice the size as the previous one, and 5 times the stress. I (Jenni) had been thinking about quitting for a while, but finally over the last month reached a point where it was critical. Or else I was going to go crazy. lol. I decided to quit and work full time on my music career.

We took the video above (so we would remember what the place looks like so we could figure out where to put everything), but as you will hear from the story in the video - we were truly being guided by Heavenly Father in our search for a place to live. We wanted to find somewhere that was not an apartment complex, but was secluded enough so I could have a place to work on my music and not bother the neighbors with our 6 foot grand piano. We ended up finding this guest house on a rather large estate, and the owners turned out to be Mormon too.

I gave my boss my notice to quit last week and she's currently scrambling to find someone to replace me. I will spend the whole month of September training the replacement, and then we are moving on September 25th.

We're pretty excited, the new place is a 1,600 sq ft "guest house" on a 1.5 million dollar estate out in the country near Redmond (closer to Will's job for him - yay!) amongst the beautiful trees and nature. This "Guest house" is far enough away from the main house where we will have our privacy and not have to worry about the music noise either.


Jenny said...

I'm so sad! I was just getting to know you and like you a lot. We will definitely have to still hang out, watch chick flicks, eat cheese cake and stay up late. And I want to see that guest house. Sounds awesome.

Mama said...

Hmmm, so you want some guests in that guest house?

Andy and Brandie said...

It is so cute I want to live in a cute little house. But I would not have enough room for the kids. So I guess that we will have to live here. Good luck on your move.

jensenfam4 said...

You guys are so cute! Are you still in Seattle? Yes, this blog thing is awesome! Will, Bryan and Peter would love to hang out.. the good ol' times.

Brian & Veronica said...

Jenni, Congrats on all levels! Love your new home but more importantly, I agree with the nomination bit! I always knew you would make someone else want to fall out of their chair, like you did me. Although, the terms back then were, "you're so good I just want to throw up and cry!" My mind boggles and practically falls apart when I run into talent such as yours. I can't believe anyone can actually do what you do. You're incredible! Love you tons and wish you the best!
Love, Veronica