Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent Conversations with Mr. Thomas

Me: "I am soooo tired today. I totally overdid it. I really wish that you and I could trade bodies just for one day."

Will: "If it means I would get to stay home and play with Preston all day instead of going to work, then I'm all for that!"

Me: "Well, you would have to be pregnant too."

Will: "Well that doesn't sound like a very fair trade. How about I just take Preston with me to work one day a week? He can just run around the office and play with office supplies."

Me: "No, because it means I'm still pregnant. You have to take care of Preston AND be pregnant. And do you really think all I do is stay home and play all day long?"

Will: "Uhhh...nope."

Me: "I'm going to get you one of those belly suits and you're going to wear it for 24 hours."

Will: "Noooooo, that would hurt so bad. That would not even be fair."

That is when I gave him the stink eye, and then later got a back massage.

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