Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Profane Little Kid

Our almost-2 year old, Preston, bless his heart, is such a good little talker. A complete chatterbox.

He is in love with vehicles. It doesn't matter if it is a car, truck, bus, train, or boat. He loves them all.

The problem is, he hasn't quite figured out how to say firetruck correctly yet. And as hard as we have tried to correct him, it still comes out wrong.

Embarrasingly wrong.

While we have to try to not laugh every time he says the word (not because it's funny, but because it's so astonishly correctly pronunciated every single time), we decided we needed to get a video of it.

I'm not sure it's something we should be proud to put on our blog, but you have been forwarned. The following video contains toddler profanity. Watch at your own risk.


Will and Heidi said...

That is pretty funny, I'm glad you videoed it for future laughs too.

The High Family said...

This is pee your pants funny! LOL

I watched it with Kara (who only just babbles all the time now...I am sure words are coming anyday!) and she was laughing. I hope Preston didn't teach her the wrong way to say truck. heehee

ps- you should be proud at how well Preston says "F"...most children have difficulty with that sound!!! ;)

Thanks for the laugh!

The Schaeffer Family said...

Love it! When I had my very first babysitting job, the little girl was running around the house saying, "f*ck!"

I was soooo petrified that I called the mom at work. I told her that I heard her little girl say that word, but that I didn't teach her. I was afraid I'd lose my very first job.

The mom laughed and asked me if UPS had dropped something off. I told her they did, and the mom said, the little girl was saying "fruck" for truck.


And BTW - - I let Abby watch the video, and she repeated Preston's every word. I'm going to deprogram her now.

Thanks for sharing!

The Thomas Family said...

You have quite the talker. We can't wait to see you guys soon.

Kawika and Aly and Emma said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! We haven't laughed that hard in a VERY long time!! Seriously, tears!! LOVE IT!! Thanks for the video...hang on to that forever!! I love those silly moments.

We just asked Emma to say "fire truck" thank heavens it sounded pretty good. Whew!!

Lori-ann said...

That's terrific!!! It sure made me giggle. :)

Dan Thomas said...

Kids tend to learn what they see. Are you sure that Preston just did not learn that from hearing it?

Jenni said...

LOL Well, Dan, considering that we don't use the F word in our home, and we don't have television...there is no possible way for him to have learned the word. It is simply a mispronunciation, as it is difficult to switch from "Fire" to "truck" so quickly. Two hard constinants.

Dan Thomas said...

Dear Jenni,

My sincere apologies I know that Preston would never hear such words aroud your home. I was just trying to make a funny. I guess I was not very funny. Sorry!

Rachel Goodwin Williams said...

Funny! My little brother used to say the F word every time he tried to say Truck. We thought it was hilarious!

Marissa said...

Holy cow that was hilarous! :) Thanks for sharing.