Monday, May 2, 2011

First Tooth

It would appear that just yesterday Taylor decided to grow up all of a sudden.

All in the same day, he got his first tooth, and mastered the skill of clapping.

Though these are tell-tell signs that he will soon be doing many other things less baby-ish (he is 8 months old right now), and I of course want to keep my baby a baby forever :), I was actually over the moon to see these new things yesterday.

Two nights ago we couldn't get Taylor to sleep without him waking up moments after laying him in his crib. After way too many attempts to mention, I finally brought him into bed with us around 11pm. I gave him some tylenol and eventually an hour later he was out. This kind of behavior is very unusual for him - so it seemed to me like something just wasn't right. Maybe he wasn't feeling well. And now having discovered the tiny little tooth poking through his bottom gums, it all makes sense to me now. Preston was a pretty mild teether and never seemed to suffer too much, so I'm hoping Taylor will be the same. So far so good.

As for the clapping, yesterday morning I was eating my breakfast and Taylor was sitting on the floor next to me and just started clapping. I got all excited and said "Ohhhh look! Look he's clapping at me!! It's sooooooo cute! Did you see this?" and Will just said "Uh, yeah, we've been working on it all morning didn't you know?". Duh.

Here is a cute little video from yesterday:

P.S. New post from yesterday "My Husband the Adventurist". See below...


NelsonFam said...

So cute. Annie is still figuring the whole clapping thing out. She just claps once and keeps her hands together and shakes them up and down. Maybe if she watches this video she will see how it is done.

Dan Thomas said...

Boy clapping and teeth. Now he is really ready fore rice cereal!