Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have some new posts to do, but in the interum, I thought you would find the following funny:

Will has been getting ready to plant a garden in our backyard and has been asking Preston to help him. They've talked about dirt, bugs, and worms and also about all the different things you can grow in a garden. When Will asked Preston what he wanted to plant in the garden, he said "Hot dogs, um, cucumbers, and um and BIG train and a freight car too."

Ha. :)


Dan Thomas said...

Will I have my small garden planted. Then I will have to water mine! I bet you and Preston will not have to water yours. Mine will not raise hot dogs, cars or trains. When you and Preston figure out how to do that please let me know!

James and Elizabeth said...

We've planted peas but that's it. I love the thinking of a child. If only we could plant Hot dogs.

NelsonFam said...

Jace thinks you guys will have the best garden of all!

Sandy said...

I'm with Preston and Jace. Everyone should have hot dogs, trains and freight cars in their gardens.