Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bless You Papa!

A recent conversation between Preston and and an extremely allergetic Will...

Will: Ah-chooooo! (sneezes)

Preston: Bwess you papa.

Will: Ah-choo.....ah-chooo.....

Preston: Bwess you papa!

Will: Ah, ah, choo! AH CHOO! (sneezes several more times with allergy-ridden red eyes)

Preston: Papa you need a lot of bwess you's!

A few seconds go by...

Will: Ah-choo!!

Preston: Bwess you! Bwess you! Bwess you! Bwess you!


Dan Thomas said...

Isn't it nice that you have a son that is so sensative to your needs.
That is special!

I don't know how you run so far with your alergies as bad as they are. You had better run while you can. I went down and saw Bill Egbert and he can hardly breath and once he went every where where the scouts hiked. About every year he did a fifty miler. Now he can hardly take two steps.

Sandy said...

I know just how you feel, Will. I used to have terrible allergies. I would even have to pull off the side of the road when I was driving because my eyes would water so bad. I could tell the minute Dad walked in the house after he'd been cutting hay, even if I was downstairs. I finally out grew mine. Maybe in time you will too. Until then I'm with Preston. "Bless you Will!"