Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Dentist Appointment

Preston had his very first visit to the dentist yesterday.  Aside from the first 30 min where he wouldn't lay down so I had to lay down on the chair with him laying on top of me in order for the hygenist to clean his teeth, he was very good.

Preston sort of goes into these "self protect" modes, where if he is scared of someone or something he just gets a total blank stare on his face.  Won't answer any questions. Totally acts like you don't exist.  

Once I finally got him to snap out of it, he finally did what the dentist did. I was so proud of him.  He was very good, and was so excited that he got a $20 giftcard to Toys R Us from the dentist for it being his first visit. We went afterwards and he picked out Mack (from the movie "Cars"), and a Thomas the Train for Taylor.

We've all had our fair share of doctor offices this week it seems. Monday Will had his dentist appointment. Tuesday I had another crown put in at the dentist.  Wednesday Preston had his dentist appointment, and then today I went to the ER for a very nasty bulge on my arm that came from me slipping and falling down the stairs and catching my arm on a baluster.

I know it's terrible, but I tend to laugh when other people get hurt, probably from all the physical comedy movies that I love so much, but when it's me that gets hurt - at least when it's something I can see - I totally want to throw up.  I went through like 45 min of shock and wanting to throw up as I saw my arm bulging out (the picture does not do it justice) and throbbing in pain.  But later it was subsided - not sure if it was the nice hot bubble bath or the leftover Percoset Will found in our cupboard from my last Csection. Either way, I was feeling much better. :)

But this morning it was still incredibly swollen and gross looking.  Being that I kind of need my hands being a pianist, I finally took the advice of friends and went and got it xrayed at the local ER.  I was dressed to head to the gym, but on my way to said gym I just had the nagging thought "Go get it checked out, you better be safe than sorry."  

So I made an alternate turn to the big H sign on the highway instead of heading to the gym.  Two hours and two restless kids later....

I am fine. No broken bones.  No fractures. Just one HUGE honkin ouchy bruise. Actually my entire forearm hurts from elbow to wrist, and I can't grip things very well without my hand tingling and shaking - but the doc  said it was probably all the swelling pushing on a nerve.  Should hopefully be gone within 3 weeks.


Dan Thomas said...

It is something to fall down. I fell the other day and spent the whole day on the floor.

Annalea said...

Oh, man, Jenni, you did that up good! Please, do yourself a favor and go get some Arnicare gel at Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, a health food store (or some other place that carries homeopathics). I've treated broken toes, a sprained ankel, and more goose-eggs than I can count with it. It's awesome for pain, and really speeds the healing process. It's really cold when you put it on, but after a few seconds, it's great. Take care of yourself, and I totally know how one of those feels! Ouch . . .