Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week(s) in Review

Well hello there!

It's been an uneventful couple of weeks, which is why I've been a bit silent from our family blog. Okay, well, that is not entirely true. Will did run a 50K race, we gave talks in church, we had a great family Saturday, have done a few more fixes on the house (sorry no pics though), and I've been busy working on music.

But that is kind of the norm anyway.

But here are some pics from the past 2 weeks...

The boys were both sick this past week, which meant they were still in PJ's in the middle of the afternoon. Here is sicky Taylor reading a really fun book called "Llama, Llama, Red Pajama"...which seemed fitting.

Taylor has acquired a new skill - two fingered nose picking. And all I can say is this is what you get when you have boys (though I'm pretty sure I did this as a little girl too).

This is the boys and I the day before Will's race - in Bellingham picking up his race goodies and packet.

In the car...

This is the amazing line of runners waiting for a port-o-potty. I suppose it is sort of important before you go and run 31 miles.

Here is Will before his race...and the facial hair is gone now, thanks to my strike on kissing until he shaved.

And one happy guy as he passes me by...

Oh whoops, one more pre-race photo. Yes it really was that cold.

Oh okay wow these photos are so out of order, but I'm obviously not bothered by it enough to do anything about it. This next photo is Will and the boys the day before the race (when we went to get his race packet).

Annnnd, I wish I had some post race photos, but unfortunately Will's cheerleading squad had to leave early to attend a funeral that was at the same time. He did sprain an ankle though and walked on it the last 10 miles - poor guy.

I wrote a post on the significance of music in my life, where I mentioned Will finishing the race to one of my can read that here.

Oh just kidding! Here are two more photos of Will running that he just emailed me to be sure I included them in the post.

Photo credit: Bellingham Herald

Photo credit: Seattle Running Club

Photo Credit: Glenn Tachiyama

Photo credit: Seattle Running Club

Yesterday we had a fun day NOT working or doing any fixes on the house. Yes I had to tear Will out of bed and sort of order everyone to get dressed and out of the house. Otherwise it would have ended up being yet another day at home fixing the house - which we do ALL the time.

Instead we drove a mile up the road from our house to Rattlesnake Lake, and hiked around it. It was cold...

Funny enough, afterwards we headed into Issaquah to a burger joint that Will has been dying to go to ever since we moved to the area 6 years ago (I'm not joking), and the sun was shining there and it was oddly warm enough to sit out on their patio with an umbrella.

Yes, that hamburger really was that big and YES Will did finish it. And yes we both worked out later due to the calories consumed at this place. I had a BLT sandwich (much smaller than Will's hamburger), however, I ordered a milk shake. It was pretty darn good. It was only later when Will asked me if I noticed on the menu they said that their shakes are 7% butter which is why they are so extra thick and good (memories of seeing a disclaimer on their door that said "Nothing in here is good for you."). I about puked right there. I did do an entire hour of cardio hoping to compensate for my splurge, but after hearing about the butter, I'm quite certain that my hour wasn't long enough.

Oh, and yes, one last thing - today is our wedding anniversary.

We ho'd and hummed about doing some things. Normally every year we go on a weekend getaway for our anniversary, and Will had been teasing me that this year he got me a house for our anniversary. And it would also be my anniversary present next year, and the next, and the next...

But we've decided that when Will's parents come into town in April, we will take advantage of some free babysitting and go out to dinner at the Salish Lodge, and also a Hilary Hahn concert that I've twisted Will's arm to take me to (left the concert tix info on the counter with a big circle around it and wrote "PLEEEASE!").

Yep. And that's about it. Ciao.


Carolyn said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like your day was still a lot of fun, even if you didn't do anything "special". Time with family is ALWAYS special. Love you!

James and Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary. I love the update. And we are excited to come visit you this weekend.