Saturday, May 5, 2012

Trains, Rain, and Prayers.

We have a son who dearly loves trains.  Like LOVES them.

So yesterday, I took the boys on a special trip to the local train station - because our local train station also happens to be one of the more famous train museums in the Seattle area (aren't we lucky?).

I was really hoping that the weather would cooperate for us, because it had been raining nonstop all week long.  And every single time it stopped raining long enough for me to bundle kids up and go outside, it would start again.

On our way to the train station, of course, it started to rain.  I had told Preston that we might not get to go walk around and see the trains if it is raining too hard. 

He was a bit distraught over that.

So I told him, "Well, how about we say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father if he will make it stop raining for us so that we can have a fun day and go see the trains?"

He said "Okay!".  And then I said a prayer asking for the rain to stop.

Well, a few seconds later the rain stopped.  Preston was so excited.

A little while later, it started to rain we sat on the bench at the train station and took cover.

And ate our train shaped crackers...

Preston said "I know Mama! We can say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to make the rain stop!"

I said, "okay!"

And this time he said the prayer, and it went like this "Heavenly Fodder, thank you for the rain to stop, name Jesus, Amen."

And then this happened a few minutes later...

This rain/prayer thing happened three times on our outing.  I am so glad that God answers little childrens' prayers - especially to show them that He does indeed answer prayers and to strengthen not only their faith but their parents' faith as well. :)

Now Preston knows that he can always say a prayer if he is in need, and it will be answered.


Dalynn said...

Fun stuff!

Will and Heidi said...

That is great that he is learning about prayer and faith! :)

Kate said...

love this!

Dan Thomas said...

I love Preston's faith.
I also liked when he got to sit on James shoulders where we ate.