Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I'm So Lucky

This is totally random...

But tonight as I was driving home alone after spending a girls night out with a friend who was visiting from Utah, I got to thinking about my amazing husband and two little guys.

I have been feeling guilty lately because I've been so busy with my music and trying to finish up my album, that I haven't had a lot of lazy family nights.  We seem to always be doing something, or finishing something, or working on a project.

So tonight while I was alone in the car, and it was quiet and peaceful, I just started thinking about these 3 gentlemen in my life and how much I love them.

I was thinking about how incredibly picky Will is about the decisions he makes in life.  The man will research things to death before making a decision on something.  He is always aware of ALL of his options before deciding on something.  It's nice, because I always know that whatever Will buys, or decides to do - I know that it's the right decision because I trust he always makes really good choices.  Even when we go to restaurants, he always seems to pick an entree that I want to take bites out of because it usually always tastes better than the one I ordered.  If he buys a product, I guarantee you that he has ready every single review on it available, and how to get it at the best price.  

These were things that I really didn't know THAT much about him when we were dating. I mean, yes, I knew that he really thought about things before deciding on them.  But it wasn't until after being married to him for a while where I got to see it in action.  HE REALLY DOES HIS RESEARCH. On everything.

Now knowing that, I suppose you could say it really makes me feel good (and in a bit of awe) that he chose me to be his wife.

Out of all his options out there, which I'm sure he thoroughly reviewed :), he picked me.  It makes me feel like wow, I am really worth something.  I mean, the pickiest man I know who has to be 100% certain about something and research it to death before buying - HE PICKED ME.

And THAT is why I am so lucky. I love him so very much and he is the perfect one for me.  It didn't take me a lot of research to know that :)


Dalynn said...


Will Thomas said...

Thanks for being patient with me, while I did my "research". Now I'm the luckiest guy.

James and Elizabeth said...

We're glad he picked you.

Dan Thomas said...

Jenni Will is picky and does do his reserch. That is one reason that when he choose you I knew it would be good.
I have shirt that I treasure like Preston and Taylor are wearing.

Sandy said...

Luck is what happens when you play cards. You are blessed and we are all blessed because of you.

Kristi said...

you have some cute boys too. they are all lucky to have you as the main woman in their life. :)