Friday, November 9, 2012


So here we were on Halloween...

Will actually took the boys trick or treating at the senior center, and they had a really fun time. 

Here we have a monkey (a.k.a. "Monkey butt" since the suit had such a chunky behind).

Here is is Pirate Bootey. :)

Halloween Train

I also took the boys on the Halloween Train, which is a train ride out of the local train museum where they run a very old train (that usually just sits parked).  It was a 70 min ride, and although quite cold on the train- it was a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of places you don't normally get to see unless you're on the tracks.

This one in particular scared me, as the train decided to stop right along the edge of a waterfall. This pic was taken as I looked outside the window. I don't do well with edges so yes this did scare me a bit.

Apparently we had so much fun that they didn't last until we got home.

Sorry, a little out of order....


Aby Runyan said...

My kids would have loved that train ride!

We are loving Illumination, it is at the top of our Sunday playlist.

luvs, aby

Sandy said...

There's nothing as fun as a train ride in Halloween custumes. Good job there Mom and Dad.