Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"I Had TWO Sandwiches!"

It's 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, November 13th and I'm up getting ready to catch a flight to LA in a couple of hours. Will is already down there - as he took a flight out yesterday (he's working out of the LA office this week, and I have the HMMA's on Thursday, as well as a video shoot on the weekend).

The boys are staying with my parents, and the above is a picture of us before I said good bye to them. Ha :)

I just wanted to write down a funny story before I forget...

Two Saturdays ago, I attended an all day workshop for NARAS (National Academy of Recording Art Sciences, otherwise known as the Grammy foundation).  Will stayed home with the boys all day.  He told me he was going to get on the roof and do some pressure washing, but would just bundle the boys up and let them play outside. I said "Ok, as long as you keep your eye on them."

I ended up leaving the conference early and coming around around 4pm.  

When I drove in the driveway, Will as up on the roof and the boys were no where to be seen.  Will did not see me drive in. I went inside the house and I could hear that there was a movie on upstairs and the boys were up there playing and watching it.  Preston came downstairs to say hello to me.  I looked around at the messy kitchen, and wondered if they had truly been taken care of all day or just left alone. 

So I asked him, "Preston, did you guys eat lunch today?"

And he answered, "Yes, my had TWO sandwiches!" (as he held up two fingers to show me).  I felt relieved that the boys had been fed and I stopped worrying.  

Well, about an hour later Will came in and said "Oh you're home already!"

"Yep - I decided to skip out on the last 2 hours." I said.

"Did Preston tell you about his sandwiches?" he asked, with a laugh.

I started to worry. "Yesssss.....?" I said very curiously.

Will said, "Well, I just let the boys play outside most of the afternoon and I thought they would just come and tell me when they were hungry.  I came inside at one point and saw the bread open, mayonaise all over the counter and then Preston told me he made himself two "big sandwiches", one for Taylor, and two for him."

I laughed pretty hard, that Preston had decided to make lunch for he and Taylor.

"Then, Taylor came up to me and said "Yucky!" and held his hands up to me. His fists were in a tight knot, and I pried them open and they were full of mayonaise. Apparently he'd been holding onto the mayonaise for like an hour."  Will told me.

I about died.

So there you have it. We have two funny independent boys - haha.


Will Thomas said...

Technically, Preston made a ham sandwich & then I made him the other one when I came in. Not sure how far they got on their 1st sandwich making, but it looked like a success.

Dan Thomas said...

Did they enjoy luncg?

James and Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha It's nice to know they can fend for themselves. :-)