Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Preston: First Week of Kindergarten!

The long-awaited day of Preston's first day of Kindergarten finally arrived on Monday, September 9th.

He was very excited about it, I will tell you that.  

He had some new school clothes that we put aside especially for Kindergarten, and he was up at 6 a.m. the first morning all dressed and ready to start his day with his new "95" shirt on. (Clever marketing, that Osh Kosh B'Gosh...putting 95 on their shirt, the same number as Lightning McQueen!).

But before the first day, we got to read a special Kindergarten book each night for 3 nights.  "Curious George Goes to School", "The Night Before Kindergarten", and then one more that I can't remember the name of. And we actually read those from a tent since we were camping the weekend before.

The morning of, I fixed a pancake breakfast for Preston.

Then we took some photos before getting into the car and driving him to school...

So, after this point we went to the school -which was an absolute mad house. Will met us there so he could also see Preston off.  When we first arrived, one of the teachers on the playground asked us if we knew where to go. And if it felt like we were the only parents who didn't know who our child's teacher and room was, well that was TRUE.  The school had done a horrible job at communicating with us about, well, everything. I had come to the school a couple of times the week prior to check the rosters posted on the windows to find out who Preston's teacher was, but nothing was posted.

We went to Kindergarten assessment the Thursday before and met a very nice teacher, but she also could not tell us.  But we received a bus route in the mail that said we were "a.m. Kindergarten". I figured, even though we don't know much, that's okay, we'll just show up and they'll direct us where to go.

Well, so the playground teacher person asked us if we knew who his teacher was, and I said "I have no idea", so then she asked for Preston's name. I told her, and she looked very confused and said "Well, this list is showing that he is p.m. Kindergarten."

I then said, "Well that can't be right because he is supposed to be a.m. Kindergarten."  She seemed really embarrassed and directed us to go to the office and talk to them.  So we did.  And the secretary in the office looked at her lists and said "Hmm, there is a question mark next to his name."  A few minutes later, she finally said "Okay, yes, he is supposed to be in p.m. Kindergarten with Mrs. Moore."

At that point, I was NOT happy. Preston was also very confused.  So I spent another several minutes in the office asking where the classroom was, what time afternoon Kindergarten started, what time his bus schedule was, and all of that.  And then I had to explain to Preston that we were going to have to go home and come back later because they got his class mixed up.

Preston was on the verge of tears and very upset that he wasn't going to get to go to school.  I went home SUPER mad because I also had to re-arrange our schedules. I had doctor appts I had scheduled specifically for when Preston would be in a.m class, and had to figure that out.

Anyway, long story short, is later that afternoon, we came back for afternoon Kindergarten.

Most of the other parents were bawling their eyes out while saying goodbye to their Kindergarteners, but to be honest I was just frazzled by the school's mixup and also wanted to be strong for Preston. He kept looking at me for support and I kept smiling at him and saying he was going to have fun (he is very shy).

Later that afternoon, I picked him up from school and he seemed very happy.  Exhausted, but content.  

Later that night, we made homemade Boboli pizzas and Preston was excited to design his own pepperoni pizza.

Apparently Preston thought Kindergarten was just something you did once though, and then you were done.  Because the next day when I told him he had to go to school AGAIN, he wasn't as excited. BUT it was still yet another big day for him because he was going to ride the school bus for the very first time.

And here it comes...

Preston got right on the bus and sat in the very first seat.  I was nervous about him coming home on the right bus, but thankfully the teachers are good about making sure the little kids get on the right bus... 

Although the 2nd day he rode the bus he actually did get on the wrong bus but luckily his busdriver saw it, and went over and helped him get onto the right bus.  He did cry a little - but if I were in his shoes I would have cried too. I'm just grateful he made it home!

Now he is a pro at riding the bus!

I ask Preston every day how Kindergarten was and he is very happy and replies "good", but I know he is very shy still.  I keep asking him if he has made any friends and he says "Not yet".  And he also tells me he doesn't play with the kids at recess but sits down on the ground. It makes me sad but I know he is just really shy. I hope one of these days another kid will come up to him and make friends with him.

Preston is becoming a VERY good little artist.  This is one that he's been working on for over a week. Notice all of the detail?  That is a school bus, by the way - complete with windows and kids in each of the seats. Then there are cars in front and back. Above is a train off in the distance with mountains and trees a sun and blue sky. Even a little black bird in he sky.

I'm still a little frustrated with the school because I keep being misinformed or UNinformed about stuff (I completely missed curriculum night because nobody told me), but his teacher seems very nice and hopefully it will improve with the school year.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I had sent an email to the principal on the first day of school letting her know I was quite frustrated at the lack of communication and how in the dark we had been about Preston's class and when it started and everything. She profusely apologized and explained that there were so many new Kindergarteners this year, they ended up having to hire a new teacher at the last minute and didn't know which kids would be in her class.  But still, apparently there was more mix-up than that because she also said the class rosters that were passed out to the teachers were conflicting and we never got a phone call about the time change for his class, nor was Preston on anyone's roster.  

Anyway. It's all fixed now though, and Preston is really enjoying Kindergarten.  I am also enjoying the 3 hours in the afternoon while he is gone and Taylor naps. I actually have been able to work on music. :)


Dan Thomas said...

I really liked the long pants on him the first day of school! Sorry about the mix-up with weather he was in an AM or PM class! That is hard on kids!

Ron Southworth said...

This blog made me teary-eyed as I felt those tender feelings for this new stage in Preston's life. I sure love those two little boys.