Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Newborn Portraits of Riley

Sunday the 30th, Will and I set up backdrops and lighting in our living room and had a little photo shoot with Riley Finn.

We wanted to keep the same consistency as with our other two boys' photo shoots so when we print them on the wall they match and we can compare and have them similar.

Preston and Taylor's photos were taken by my Dad, and all the color temperatures are different due to different lighting and camera settings.  I promise my hair has been pretty close to the same color this entire time  -haha.



Here are some other photos recently... 

Aunt Grace has been here this week helping out and I have been SO grateful to her!!

Taylor spent the week at G&G Southworth's house for some one-on-one time and really enjoyed it. He also got potty-trained mostly!

and then here are just some random smart phone pics taken from the last couple of weeks since Riley's birth...


James and Elizabeth said...

Awe so cute. He's a beautiful addition to your family. And I love the pictures of Taylor in his yellow shirt and tie. LOL

Dan Thomas said...

All RED haired and good like their parents!