Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kids Have Feelings Too

So Will told me a sweet story about Preston this morning.

Yesterday (while I was at the store with Riley), Will asked Preston what he wanted for lunch...and the conversation went like this:

Will: Preston, it's time for lunch. What do you want?

Preston:  Cereal!

Will: Nope, you can't have cereal for lunch. Pick something else.

Preston thinks for a second, and says "A jelly sandwich!" (meaning just jelly and bread).

Will:  No, Momma says you have to have peanut butter with your jelly so you can get some protein.

Preston leaves the room and a few minutes later comes back and says:  "Ok, I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into the shape of a train!"

Will:  *sigh* "Preston no I'm not going to make you a train shaped sandwich, I will make you a regular sandwich cut into squares or triangles."

Preston runs gets teary eyed and runs out of the room upset.

Several minutes later, as Will is standing in the kitchen, a small paper airplane comes flying into the room and lands on the floor.  He looks at it and it says "Please open" (spelled PLESE OPN)

Will opens it up and it said "Papa, you make me sad." and there was a picture of Preston with tears. Then there was another person next to him with a big smiley face.

Will feels SOOOOOOO bad and goes to look for Preston, who is hiding underneath the piano crying.  (Yes at this point he is feeling like father of the year (sarcasm)).  Will just feels terrible and wants to tell Preston he can have a train shaped sandwich and that he is so sorry, and so he coaxes Preston out from underneath the piano.  Preston comes out and Will tells him he read his note and he is sorry.

He asks Preston "So is that you sad?" and Preston nodds.

"And then is this you happy?" Asks Will.

Preston answers, "No, this is me and I am sad because you didn't like any of my lunch choices, and this is you because you are so happy."

Ugh, talk about drive the guilt a little deeper into Will's heart.

Will apologized and made Preston feel better with the sandwich of his choice and they made up.  But I just had to record the story. Just goes to show that even though we are the parents and they are the children and they need to obey us - it doesn't mean they don't have feelings too.  Preston is such a sweet kid.


Carolyn said...

Preston is the sweetest most tender hearted child that I know. Give him a hug from grandma!

James and Elizabeth said...

LOL I love it. I love that he can write and desires to express his feeling through written words/pictures. We can't wait to see you guys this weekend.