Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year.

It started off Saturday night - when the boys brought me a gift to open. I actually already knew I was getting this because Will ordered it through my Amazon Prime account.  He knew that too, because he wanted me to choose between two different cocoa makers.

But what he forgot was when he ordered the Ghirardeli hot cocoa mix that also came to my inbox.  Winner winner chicken dinner - this man knows the way to my heart!

The next morning I was totally asleep and having random dreams when I heard "Good morning!". I slowly opened my eyes to see all my boys standing at the end of my bed and Will was holding a tray of breakfast that they had made for me!

I have to say I was not quite awake yet or ready for food, but it was an AMAZING breakfast and I was super excited and honored that they did that for me.

And Preston and Taylor made me cards. So cute! 

Preston also made me something cute in Kindergarten...

And Riley and I of course spent most of church in the Mother's what better way to pass the time than to take selfies. LOL Honestly it's because I can't get enough of my baby boy.

Then we went to church.  Before doing so though, I had Will snap a shot of the boys and I...

After church I tried to contain the boys in their church clothes as long as possible for Will to get some more shots, but they were just begging to rip those clothes off as soon as possible.  "Momma how many minutes will it be until we're done?" was something I heard almost every other minute. This photo shoot literally took less than 5 minutes. Haha!

After we took the photos, we packed a little picnic (thanks to Will) and went to a nearby park and had some family fun.  

Most of these pics were me just practicing how to use our Panasonic Lumix - and I love that I was able to capture all 5 of us in this pic.  Still feels weird to say all FIVE of us...

I felt so special and blessed this Mother's Day and so thankful for my little family.  I am so blessed.  Also blessed to have wonderful mothers as our's as well....

P.S. I blogged about Riley's baby blessing as well.  It's HERE.

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James and Elizabeth said...

Happy Mother's day. I love the pictures of you with all three of your boys and the picture of Will and you laying in the grass. Precious memories.