Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Riley's Baby Blessing

So Riley had his special day - May 4th, 2014 - where he was blessed and given a name on the records of the church as Riley Finn Thomas.  Will gave him a beautiful blessing (which is written down), and he only mildly cried through it. :)  He was 7 weeks old the day of his blessing. Here are some of the photos from the special day...

Do you like my photo bombers in the background?

Lots of family came for the blessing and it was really nice to fill up 2 full rows in Sacrament meeting with family members.

Before mom holding Riley

My Grandma Lindsay, my mom, Riley, and my dad with Taylor.

Me, Preston, my mom, and Riley

Sandy (Will's mom), Gwenevere, Grace, Dan (Will's Dad), Elizabeth, and Everett.

My dad with Taylor.

We all left after Sacrament meeting to come back to our home for an early dinner with the family...

And if this isn't cute enough, Grandma T totally decided to match my baby. :)  Ha! I'm teasing. But it is pretty funny that they both ended up in matchy-matchies!

Hawaiian Haystacks!

Church really wears ya out. :)

This is SO not on the lose-the-baby-weight plan, but oh so worth it.  Costco chocolate layered cake is to die for.

Cousins watching a movie! Cuties.  I think it's funny how Preston always holds up whatever toy he is holding for pictures.  And Taylor-bug always has the best smile for photos.  Seriously that kid is smiley.

We also took some family portraits of everyone who came, so here they are...

From left to right are Patrick & Tessha (Will's older sister), Will, me, my dad, Grandma Lindsay (my grandma), Alisha (Will's sister), Elizabeth (Will's sister), James (B-in-law), Sandy (Will's mom), my mom.  Then on the floor from left to right is one of Patrick's sons and I feel so bad I can never remember their names.  Then Gwenevere, another Laing kid, Taylor, Preston, Dan (Grandpa T) and Grace.  

I absolutely LOVE this photo of all my boys. :) Such handsome specimens.

I thought it was fun to go back and see the progression of each child on their blessing's also fun to see how everyone has grown and changed.

So fun to see my Grandpa Lindsay in this photo. Miss him.

Anyway, it was a great day.  We were fulfilled with having so much family around.  

Riley you have completed our family and we are so happy to have you with us. You are such a sweetie pie and we love you very much.

P.S. It was fun to see Will go through his baby book and read his baby blessing that he was given from his dad, and also look through photos. I've always thought Riley looked a LOT like Will, and these photos prove it.

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