Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tree Hunting NW Style

We went and chopped down our very own REAL Christmas tree last week!

We got Preston out of school an hour early and headed up to Snoqualmie Pass. 

Here is our brave mountaineer who climbed hilly hillsides of deep snow to trudge through and find us the perfect tree...#grizzlyadams

This little guy saw snow for the very first time!

Will hooked the sleds up to a rope on the back of the Sorento and pulled the boys...

Preston was LOVING it, and kept shouting "GO FASTER!!"

Taylor only lasted a little bit...


Preston invited Taylor to come sit on his lap...hahaha.

Riley and his many adorable faces....and the talent he has to do different things with his lips. Hilarious!

So close to shaving....

And voila!  A huge tree in our living room!

Fun memories for sure!

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James and Elizabeth said...

I really want to go sledding with you guys again this year. Looks like so much fun.