Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

Welp!  Today was Christmas Eve, and it's a day our boys have been long looking forward to for weeks!

But...I have to say, it didn't exactly go as I personally would have loved for it to go.

As you can see from this photo below...

And this one too...

Parenting mistake #1:  Don't let your kids stay up until midnight two days in a row watching Christmas movies, because you know that regardless of how late or early they go to bed they will STILL wake up at the crack of dawn.

Parenting mistake #2:  Trying to do Christmas festivities with kids who are sleep deprived and also going through the thick of horrible colds.

My parents came to spend the day with us, and I found myself apologizing several times, saying "If I can just get my kids to take a power nap, they will be much happier, and then I will be much happier too."

It did take an extra long trip up I-90 before Taylor finally relented and shut his little eyes and fell asleep for a whole whopping 20 minute nap, which I'm pretty sure he might have even been grumpier upon waking than before he fell asleep.

Great news though - look who is walking without crutches!  Oh, I probably failed to mention Will sprained his ankle pretty bad several days ago and thought he broke his foot, but thankfully just a sprain.  He's been hobbling around on crutches for a few days and today he felt good enough to hobble around on his foot.

This next photo looks so cute and serene.  But it's actually Grandma giving Taylor a piggy-pack ride after he threw a tantrum about not wanting to walk any more.

Preston has been pretty good today - aside from a few fights with his brother.  He and Grandma made Santa cookies and they turned out super cute! He had been looking forward to making these cookies all week!

Preston is so creative and artistic, these were the perfect cookies for him to make!

I smoked 3 salmons in our smoker all day long and they turned out mighty tasty for dinner.

After dinner, we opened some early presents while G&G were still here. They left shortly after dinner to drive to Pendleton to spend Christmas day with Grandma Lindsay.

Grandma Thomas sent the boys each $5 to use to buy someone they loved some gifts. Taylor is so cute. He told me earlier this week, "But mama, I just love YOU!".  However, he decided to buy Grandma and Grandpa gifts, as you can see below what he picked out for Grandpa!

My mom got me a duet book!

And some yummy treats...

We tried to get some shots of the boys in their new Christmas pajamas....but like I said, everyone is pretty tired in these photos.

My dad gave us a beautiful family photo that he took of us...

Is it bad that I spiked the boys' lemonade with cough syrup?  They didn't fall for it though.  Once they got to the bottom of the glass they did the yucky face.  Drat. I don't know what parent out there can get their kid to drink that stuff. It would sure make our lives easier if they would drink it though when they are sick! Haha...

We have sure felt the love this year from friends and family...

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