Thursday, January 1, 2015

2nd Christmas at Long Beach!

The day after Christmas - we went to Long Beach!

I don't care that it was overcast, or that it was slightly cold and windy  -it was BEEEAUTIFUL.

I lovvvve the beach!

And I also love this little chubby baby too.

So a little out of order here, but we did a family hike to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. Got a little rained on.  And the kids were slightly cold....some were crying LOL.

(Grace and Elizabeth)

Somehow despite being rained on and cold, this guy is still happy. :) Hehe.

This guy....not so happy. In fact, he was screaming "I WANT TO GO BACK TO THE CAR!"

Christmas Onesies!!

Girls at the beach!

I sure hope he keeps his blue eyes...

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Dan Thomas said...

It was good to see Riley with blue eyes and two teeth! That must come from you Jenni cause our babies never had teeth tell they were over a year!