Friday, January 16, 2015

Riley 10 months old!

 Has it seriously been 10 month already? He has now officially been alive longer on the outside of the womb than on the inside.

Riley was born March 16th, 2014 and here we are Jan 16th, 2015. I wish the time would just go slower, but I have to say I'm so glad that I took such a long break last year with my music and everything just so that I could enjoy this sweet boy.
Things about Riley at 10 months:
- Not crawling yet, but rocks on his knees and will "army crawl" backwards on his belly. He ends up under a lot of beds and couches and whines to be rescued.
- He loves to stand on his toes and hold onto things - like looking out the front window, the stairs, etc.
- JUST got his 3rd little tooth poking through this week (upper right). He also has 2 bottom teeth.
- LOVES people food. If he sees you eating food and you're not sharing with him, he will STARE. YOU. DOWN.
- Still nursing about 3x a day - which I'm glad I can still do for him. Babies can have cow's milk when they turn 1, so I plan to start weaning then.
- Loves to say "Dadadada" when he is happy throughout the day, and "Mummmm, mummm, mummm" when it's getting near bedtime and wants his mommy.
- Enjoys playing with his brothers.
- STILL hates his carseat.
- Recently transitioned from his Rock 'n Play to a crib and I won't say he likes it, but he is enduring it and each night gets slightly easier. And by slightly, it's minimal. Pray that we'll all get some better sleep soon.
- SHORT napper.
- Sooooo beyond sweet, and a very happy baby and always getting compliments from people on how good natured he is. We can seriously take him anywhere.
- Very CHUBBY. Hehe.

Love his chunky thighs....and how he loves to hold onto us while we pull his pants up. It's his favorite part about getting dressed. :)

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