Saturday, March 6, 2004

Oregon Coast

I drove down to Portland again to spend a fun-filled weekend with Will. We drove over to the Oregon Coast, went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, played on the beach, and then ended the day with a campfire and snuggling in the sand with blankets and looking at the stars to the tunes of Celine Dion. Okay, it is all the "romantic" music that Will happened to have in his CD case okay. :)

We did get stuck in the sand on our way home though - as we parked the car right on the beach. Fun, but not the greatest thing when your car is not parked in a downhill position towards the water. Instead, we were parked sideways.

After an hour of digging sand out from under the tires and spinning wheels (which only got us stuck deeper), someone finally came along and helped us out. Phew! That tide was getting closer and closer to the car!

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